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Latin America, open your arms wide because Google is about to stuff them with a big present. At AdMonsters Brasil on April 24 in São Paulo, Google will announce the Latin American launch of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX), the real-time, impression-by-impression auction platform that assists ad networks, agencies and third-party technology companies drive campaign performance across millions of sites, while also enabling publishers to maximize the value of their inventory.

"We are excited to be bringing the real-...

OMG – Have you been MRAIDed?  

Sound scary? It’s not. MRAID represents a new frontier for in-app mobile advertising, especially in-app video ads. 


Just want I need: another freakin’ acronym.


Yeah, we’re all pretty much acroynm’ed out, but this is less about the acronym and more about what it does for us.


MRAID is a video ad standard recently released and endorsed by the IAB that will help open up a vast new trove of mobile inventory for advertisers, particularly now that 19% of Americans own tablets and another 100 million own smartphones, 40% of the total of which consumers use regularly as a...

March 30, 2012 Brazil Gavin Dunaway

Thanks to an annual growth rate of 3.7%, Brazil’s GDP was $2.52 trillion in 2011, surpassing the United Kingdom as the world’s sixth-largest economy. Of interest to those of us in the online advertising business, ZenithOptimedia reported Brazil had already become the sixth-largest global ad market in 2010, and according to eMarketer, Brazil is also the sixth-biggest country in terms of video views on YouTube.

Brazilian Internet users aren’t just watching online...

March 30, 2012 Ben Kneen

So far in Ad Ops Insider's conversations with leaders in the mobile ad ops space, we've discussed developing holistic mobile strategies with Bryan Moffett, VP of Digital Strategy and Ad Operations for National Public Media and difficulties with in-app rich media intergrations with Brian Hoskins, Senior Manager of Ad Services for Disney Technology Solutions & Services. As AdMonsters' ...

March 29, 2012 viewability Gavin Dunaway

The topic of viewable impressions caused quite a stir this spring at both the IAB Leadership Conference and AdMonsters' Publisher Forum in Palm Springs this past March.


I've heard some suggest methods for ensuring display impressions are actually seen are the "new verification" in terms of confusion and controversy over deployment.

Yet some publishers are diving in headfirst, including Forbes, which recently announced it's...

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