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At the back of every publisher’s mind is a question: “Does my revenue reflect the true value of my inventory?” In far too many cases the answer is either “no” or “I wish I knew!” So how can publishers feel confident that they’re selling the right inventory to the right buyer at the right price?

The answer: productization. To learn more, Amy Inlow, Operative blog editor, asked product manager Andrew Sullivan to explain what productization is all about. (...

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So, you're about to issue an RFP for ad serving?

I'm sure these are words that strike two distinct chords, depending on which side of the business you're involved with. If you're a publisher, these words instantly scream: "Time to do some research on what's happening in the market and engage with a host of vendors to hear about their products." Oh joy.

If you're a vendor who happens to have an ad server for sale, the RFP process may be that glimmer of hope that a publisher may actually be willing to move away from the obviously inferior piece of technology they are using for ad serving.


Arriving back in Brooklyn, NY, late last night, I fell on my bed, stared at the ceiling and tried to digest all that occurred during AdMonster’s Publisher Forum in Oxford this last week.


I had a great deal to roll over in my mind from those intense few days, including striking keynotes about the mobile revolution, the microeconomics of display advertising and fostering innovation from within a division. Discussions revolving around the growing role of the ad ops team stretched into charming evening events, such as a dinner at Exeter...

The AdMonsters Content Team - Gavin Dunaway, Gautam Srivastava, and Maria Tucker - are excited to bring you this inaugural live blog from the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in sunny Oxford! Stay tuned today for insights and innovations from global leaders in ad operations!



The Kick-Off



9:05 -- Rob Beeler introduces the day and runs through the AdMonsters events coming up - you can find out for yourself on the AdMonsters homepage.

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