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January 12, 2012 Matt Harty


This exclusive interview with Matt Harty, General Manager, Accuen APAC at Annalect (Omnicom Media Group), is brought to you by AdMonsters Southeast Asia. ...

The Forrester Wave report on Sell-Side Platforms sets the stage for the publisher ecosystem in 2012 by labeling SSPs a “vital part of the publisher tech stack.” The SSP is an increasingly necessary tool for managing and optimizing a plethora of indirect sales channels – oh, and making sure they’re not cannibalizing direct sales. Not a pleasant balancing act, but one that seems to be impossible to pull off without a platform in these days of proliferating media-buying sources.

While Admeld and AppNexus made headlines with highest marks, Forrester’s report suggests a fragmented market in...

When considering which data to buy and layer onto campaigns, marketers are becoming lost in a sea of segments. Several data buyers have told me they have access to 50,000 segments. That’s 50 with 3 zeroes. Which cookies should you buy? How can you differentiate one company’s 500 segments from the thousands of others available out there? “Automotive Data from Company 1” is indistinguishable from “Automotive Data from Company 2” in a buyer UI.


(Story image by Robert Roxby.)

One useful distinction to note when deciding on purchases is whether the data is sourced offline or online. For the last two years, the old and new worlds of data collection have been colliding, and they are very, very different.



DataXu, provider of the industry’s no1 ranked DSP today (10 Jan 2012) announced that it had acquired Europe’s leading DSP platform Mexad.

Read our Q&A on the thought process behind the decision and more with DataXu’s Vice President of Marketing Jule Ginches below.

Rumor has it, DataXu's technology was originally developed for the Mars Lunar Lander – how did you go from space to digital advertising?

DataXu was co-founded by CEO Mike Baker and by Dr. Edward Crawley, Ford Professor of Engineering at MIT and Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics whose team was studying advanced aeronautics and designing mission control systems for NASA. Two additional co-founders, Dr. Willard Simmons and Sandro Catanzaro, worked on MARS mission planning with Dr. Crawley at MIT using...


Offering further proof of how much online display technology is inspired by the financial industry, Legolas Media announced numerous agency partners, including Horizon Media, on board with its audience futures marketplace. Employing a complex algorithm that incorporates 10,000 data points regarding audience targeting, Legolas enables publishers to sell guaranteed inventory based on the likelihood of targeted audiences visiting the site. We caught up with Yoav Arnstein, Legolas' CEO and cofounder, who was kind enough to explain how publishers use the company's technology as well as how advertisers buy on the Legolas Marketplace.


What are audience futures, and what was Legolas’ inspiration for building the technology to bring them to market?


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