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With a strong grasp of social media, AdGent Digital brings a comprehensive advertising strategy to advertisers and publishers. We sat down with Jonathan Lewis, GM International Markets at AdGent, to delve into the ways AdGent masters technology to generate revenue.


AdGent Digital provides a diverse set of offerings for both advertisers and publishers. How do all these tie together in the company’s holistic strategy?


Our strategy is very simple: we focus on delivering a premium audience to brands no matter how or where they are accessing content.


As there are no boundaries to the web we initially focused on delivering brand ads to people in their location. So, if you were in London accessing a web page on a US publisher we served you an ad relevant to you in London. This is still a large part of our business today. When...

Though thoroughly hyped on their arrival, it's no secret that private exchanges haven't proven themselves revenue powerhouses yet – why that is and what behaviors need to change on the buy and sell sides is something we'll discuss in depth at OPS Markets, April 18 in NYC. Until then, Andrew Casale, VP of Strategy for Casale Media, was kind enough to share Casale's experience so far in powering a private exchange for GateHouse Media. Below he speaks to the biggest challenges and suggests how pubs can make private exchanges more appealing to buyers.


March 15, 2012 mobile Ben Kneen

After years of buildup, 2011 finally felt like a tipping point for mobile in the digital advertising community. If you work on the publishing side, last year probably felt like a time to build – a chance to upgrade your technology stack for mobile environments, select partners, test platforms, define your processes and train staff.


If you were still sitting on the sidelines last year, there’s no better time to start your own year of mobile than right now, and fortunately the AdMonsters community as a whole has far more experience in this area to help guide you.

To get you started (and to promote the upcoming OPS Mobile conferences – April 19 in NYC and ...

I spoke the other week at AdMonsters OPS Markets London on the subject of audience efficiency. This is a methodology both to evaluate individual segments relative to a target audience, usually client converters or visitors, and the most efficient way to describe that target. We posted a preliminary piece on this very site. I offered five key findings based on more than 200 client models in my presentation and want to share three of those findings, and their implications, here.

A Reminder on Audience Efficiency


ops acronym

Don’t get me wrong – I love me some RTB. I love discussing ATDs, DSPs, DMPs and anything in our industry with a three-letter acronym. Whenever I hear someone use “OS” to shorten “operating system,” I feel like something is missing – like the concept is doomed to fail unless it adds another letter.

But one thing does rub me the wrong way about all these acronyms: they don’t full capture the depth or breadth of the role of operations. RTB does not replace or equal Ops – it’s a fraction of what ad ops people are focused on.

As I prepare for my first trip to Australia next week to moderate our second AdMonsters Sydney conference, I want to make sure that all the recent discussion about RTB, data, etc...

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