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Videoplaza is sponsoring Tom Bowman's session Video Will Become Television, Television Will Become Video at the OPS Europe event Tuesday in Cologne. In advance of the event we asked Sorosh Tavakoli, Founder and CEO of Videoplaza, a few questions about video, ad operations and the state of the industry.


Video is a hot topic nowadays. Can you give us an introduction to Videoplaza, and what problems you trying to solve?


The shift from linear broadcast TV to the New IP-delivered TV is happening now. We believe this represents a massive opportunity – the biggest advertising medium on this planet is being disrupted. Our goal is to help our broadcast and publisher clients to build a successful business around this new medium. The core of our offering is a sell side ad management platform, built to maximize the value of our client’s audience. Our value proposition is threefold:...

Sept 20, 2011, Köln

in Partnership with dmexco 2011

AdMonsters OPS Europe event on Sept 20 in Cologne has an incredible lineup of speakers on the agenda, including keynote Dr. Mark Grether, Chief Operating Officer, Xaxis. AdMonsters caught up with Dr. Mark Grether to discuss his keynote address ‘A New Direction Forward’, what Xaxis can offer premium publishers and the future of the digital advertising industry.


Recently I had the good fortune and privilege to give the keynote presentation at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in San Diego. The topic of the presentation, What’s So Funny About Innovation?, focused on the parallels between stand-up comedy and the difficulties of innovating within a data-driven business culture.


Full disclosure: this was my first experience within the digital ad operations arena, so I was a little curious as to why I was invited to speak at this particular event. I’m a Principal at Method Inc., a digital and brand experience design firm based in San Francisco. We do things like design interfaces for digital devices, smartphones, and more traditional applications like graphic and service design. My presentation was based on an article I...

I’ve been threatening on twitter (@MarkMcEachran) to write a book on the things publishers need to know about Real-Time Bidding (RTB).  At the Rubicon Project, we like to talk about ‘RTB Done Right’ and how to help publishers understand what’s really going on. With a full-time day job I don’t have quite enough time to bang out chapter after chapter of really fascinating business and technical aspects of RTB, so I thought I’d do a Top 10 list.  I started watching the Late Show with David Letterman to get the format down and then I popped over to a bunch of sites to make sure I wasn’t producing a fluff SEO piece.  So based on what myself and our team has learned, here are the Top 10 Things Publishers Need To Know About Real-Time Bidding.


1. Transparency is a two-way street.

Some publishers are concerned about the data being passed to DSPs when a bid is solicited (URL, namely), but it should be noted that the DSPs deliver valuable information with each bid.  When...

In real estate, they say that location is everything. Real estate agents young and old can preach all day long about how location dictates price and demand and shapes the market. Location has different meanings, and in the world of real estate it’s commonly applied on three different levels: city, neighborhood and situation.

Online display advertising works in a very similar fashion to real estate, and you can apply the same three-tiered approach to determine an ads quality, safety, and relevancy. Instead of city, neighborhood and situation, it’s the domain, channel and situation that determine the value of an ad placement.

When hunting for a new home or apartment, the first decision is often the city. Manhattan has things that Brooklyn doesn’t (not knocking Brooklyn), and real estate buyers pay for that prestige and association. That’s location at its most basic level, and it’s easily applicable to online advertising at the URL level. Brands buy advertising from a publisher because they want to be associated with that name. Buying on Oprah.com is a strong association, and just like how some residents will swear that New York City has everything, some...

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