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Half of the publishers surveyed in a recent Audience Accelerator-Digiday report, Audience Extension Industry Overview, currently offer audience extension. About 29% of that group began offering extension in the past year— according to the report, these were mostly publishers with under 20 million monthly uniques. Extension is rapidly gaining supply-side adopters, and a host of technology providers have entered the landscape with flexible offerings that can meet a variety of needs.

According to the Audience Extension Industry Overview, 54% of advertisers planned to increase revenue flowing into audience extension in 2014, and about half of that group said it would be shifting budgets from broad or niche networks. 

While audience extension does drive additional revenue into publisher pockets—64% of pubs surveyed by Audience Accelerator and Digiday reported extension accounted for 1-10% of their revenue—it also assists in deepening...

February 26, 2014 Connect mobile video Gavin Dunaway

Like a leaky faucet drip-drip-dripping into a steel sink, mobile has long been that nagging concern keeping publishers up at night. The amount of inventory seems to multiply daily with little demand from buyers (especially when it comes buying guaranteed), so publishers are forced to turn to ad networks and programmatic channels for the pennies they can get. No surprise then that questionable and low-quality creative is popping up all over mobile sites and apps.

Many pubs are taking hints from Facebook and Twitter’s mobile revenue successes by employing feed delivery systems to push advertising into the content stream, and then leaning on native/content-marketing products as well as custom-built solutions that leverage HTML5 for eye-catching features. However, it’s difficult to scale custom products that tend to be cost- and labor-intensive.

Then there’s mobile video.

Well, yes, video CPMs are sweet, but are consumers really watching choppy video content that sucks up their data plans? Sure,...

The Crescent City welcomes AdMonsters with open arms as we kick off our 32nd Publisher Forum from the heart of New Orleans. The Krewes are in full gear as they roar down Canal St. and you can't turn a corner without hearing the electrifying sounds of Zydeco and Creole drum and bass. Luckily enough, our first Publisher Forum of 2014 is poised to be just as impressive, with a stellar roster of content and speakers lined up. If you couldn't make it down to NOLA, don't fret. You can catch all the action right here on the Publisher Forum live blog and on Twitter

Peering Into the Visual Web, Peter Naylor, SVP, Sales, Hulu 

9:30 a.m...

With only a couple days left till AdMonsters Publisher Forum descends on the Big Easy, we can already smell the gumbo and beignets. Our eager anticipation to consume copious amounts of heavenly food is only outweighed by our teeming excitement over all the engaging and top-notch content in store for our first Publisher Forum of the year. From unpacking a non-textual future for the Web to discussing mobile's continued impact on publishers and its move towards preeminence, our keynotes at New Orleans will untangle the wires of our fast-evolving industry, helping you break through the noise as you and your pub dive into 2014. 

Newly crowned Senior Vice President for Sales at Hulu and New Orleans keynote Peter Naylor will examine how platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest may be driving a shift towards a visually driven Web, and why revenue ops and ad ops players will be key to digital ad success as the way we communicate on the Web moves away from text. Jay Lauf, publisher at Atlantic...

February 18, 2014 native Gavin Dunaway

Some may see Hannah on “Girls” thriving in a native advertising job at GQ as a sign that the movement has jumped the shark. However, I’m of quite the opposite mindset, especially after viewing Hulu’s latest native ad product, “Farmed and Dangerous,” a four-part comdey series accurately labeled as a piece of Chipotle content marketing. The first episode is now playing on Hulu (FYI, new SVP of Sales Peter Naylor is the opening keynote at PubForum New Orleans next week), and although it’s flawed as a program, the product potential is quite intriguing.

While The New Yorker takes its time in explaining that scripted content brought to you by a sponsor is actually a blast from the past, “Farmed and Dangerous” shares qualities with more contemporary content marketing and...

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