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The conversation is inevitable. While the phrasing always varies, it starts along these lines:

“We have some extra space in the footer, do you think we could squeeze another 728x90 in there?” or maybe, “Most of our article pages extend beyond 1400 pixels, that means we can fit another 160x600 on the rail, right?”

Market inefficiencies are meant to be exploited, and the CPM ad model is easily taken advantage of. As long as more ad inventory equates to additional revenue, incentives exist to paste another placement on a page. 

The surface benefits of this ‘strategy’ are clear. In most cases adding that buried 728x90 to the footer will lead to additional impressions, increased revenue, and a higher page RPM. Even in scenarios where the unit is excluded from your direct sales, and performs poorly in programmatic auctions, you’re still monetizing 100% of the impressions and returning a measurable daily revenue boost.

So what’s the problem? Additional revenue is hard to argue with, and increasing overall earnings by pasting...

September 8, 2014 mobile Gavin Dunaway

Last week in an interview with JUICE Mobile CEO Neil Sweeney, I suggested publishers view mobile as a quickly spreading itch that scratching won’t relieve. Do marketers feel similarly about the channel? Sort of – an interesting new survey from Acxiom, 4INFO and Forrester shows that marketers know they need to diversify their spends to reach audiences hopping across devices, but the lack of consistent mobile measurement and tracking make them uneasy to fork over the ad budgets. (Get it here with some PII.)

Indeed, according to the survey, mobile measurement is the biggest obstacle to increased cross-channel spending. Various Meetups and...

The chief finding from a Winterberry Group/IAB report on programmatic has been the subject of many conversations at AdMonsters lately: 99% of global publishers have some kind of programmatic offering. This runs the gamut from programmatic direct and private marketplaces to simply filling some unsold inventory via open RTB.

Things are a little different on the other side of the fence. According to a new study by Forrester and the ANA, only 23% of marketers have actually dabbled programmatic buying. Of the rest, 12% have never heard of programmatic buying, 29% have heard of it but are clueless to what it is, 26% get the concept but don’t know how to apply it and 10% comprehend but haven’t jumped in. And those surveyed were not nubes by any means: 65% of the 148 client-side marketers were director level and above.

So does this...

For publishers, mobile is an itch spreading over greater sections of skin, tingling more ferociously every second. Scratching doesn’t make it worse, but certainly fails to relieve the symptoms. 

Publishers continue to struggle in their mobile monetization efforts: because there’s little incentive for direct sales to evangelize the channel (particularly when it comes to display), programmatic would seem to be the savior. However, the success of desktop advertising and transaction models ported to mobile has been limited.

Fortunately, mobile is still a young space, filled with opportunities for innovation – it’s a prime time for publishers to embrace new tools and advertising units. As JUICE Mobile CEO and President Neil Sweeney puts it, “today's methodologies and ad units will not be tomorrow's.”

In this sweeping interview, Sweeney explains how mobile inventory has already been commoditized, the limitations of programmatic tools that don’t cater to...

August 18, 2014 Joshua R. Weaver

Today marks the hottest day of the year here outside of Portland at the Columbia Gorge. Today also marks our first day of sessions at Publisher Forum. Coincidence? Maybe. But, we like to think the blazing ad ops leaders in the house had something to do with the record heat. Stay tuned (from the comfort of your air-conditioned room) to this page as we live blog our 33rd Publisher Forum from Skamania, Washington. 

KEYNOTE: A Consumer-Based Publisher Strategy, Deanna Brown, President, Byliner

9:27 a.m – Deanna Brown, President at Byliner takes the stage to chat about a new take on ad-supporting publishing. "When I think about the business going forward – I've been a CEO, I've worked with [editorial] – I'm here to get you guys engaged." Today's first keynote is about content, not programmatic or ad data. 

9:28 a.m. – Going beyond the ad: Brown will discuss why contemporary publisher...

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