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Digital media itself may be a major disruption, but it is also an opportunity to explore new business models. Media agencies are constantly finding themselves in search of the next best media idea, strategy, or product. So how do they become better at working with digital or simply better digital agencies?

For some, the answer might be within planning, strategy or trading. All of these are very important to win big clients and attract talent that can sustain existing client portfolios. But in the increasingly complex world of digital marketing, the core of a successful digital media agency is operations – more specifically, digital operations.

Traditionally planners plan, creatives create, analysts analyze, and buyers buy. But who continues to activate media? Who manages data inputs and outputs? Who administers digital marketing platforms? Who is responsible for gaining expertise in new technologies? Who is able to audit the entire digital process? 

All of these responsibilities (and more) fall under a new generation of ad ops...

“I’ve had a lot of people ask, ‘is Hulu digital video or television?’” quipped Peter Naylor, SVP of Sales and repeat AdMonsters keynote. “Well, as a sales guy, I’m inclined to respond, ‘I’m anything you want me to be, wink.’”

The buyers at the Hulu NewFront got a kick out of that, filling NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom with laughter. Upfront presentations are an enjoyable way of showing advertisers that media companies are malleable, and happy to dance and sing for some brand budget. And despite the digital video revolution including streaming video, advertisers still want TV, which explains why Naylor went on to definitively claim that Hulu is TV and that we were all attending an Upfront, not a NewFront. 

That announcement seemed strange after attending...

With the Upfronts/NewFronts raging into gear, news is spreading that many brand and agency relationships are on the rocks. Following announcements of media account reviews from L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Visa and Unilever, P&G mentioned it would be streamlining its agency partners. As this seemed indelibly linked to his OPS keynote – “The Economic Forces Reshaping the Agency Landscape” – I reached out to Rick Webb, cofounder and former COO of groundbreaking digital agency The Barbarian Group, to see if these announcements were signs of turbulent times and great change.

With all these account review notices, are we on the verge of a major agency-land shakeup...

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that viewability is a post-campaign metric? We can target ads based on HTML cookies in real-time, why can’t we determine whether the impression associated with that cookie is also in view, or at least has a high chance of being in view?

Well, according to CEO Brad Krassner, RealVu does offer publishers the ability to serve a viewable ad only when the space is in view. When the ad call goes to the server, RealVu’s on-page code informs the server which ad spaces are in viewable sections of the screen. Spaces that are not viewableat the time of the call are ordered to serve plain-old impressions with no viewability requirements. 

While previously this technology was available to publishers on the RealVu Exchange, recently launched RealVu Boost brings real-time viewability forecasting and optimization to...

"Can't wait to see ads on my Apple Watch!" said no one ever. 

I'm sure that consumers are wondering what genius will be the first to spam them with belly fat ads on the Watch. When an ad network for the Watch was announced at CES in January, a million fanboys (in the ad industry) screamed out in agony. Or maybe that was just me, dying inside a little.

The Apple Watch will be a convergence device for activities like behavior and activity tracking, touch payments, voice response, passkeys, remote controls, alerts, and many more to come. Interactions will take the form of short bursts of relevant, timely and valuable information, prompting quick, snappy responses. It will be physically and situationally aware.

It's worth keeping this in mind when framing the approach that...

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