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AdMonsters Ad Operations Salary Survey

The 2014 edition of the AdMonsters Salary Survey is here! The survey explores over 30 data points on ad operations roles within publishers, agencies, networks and solutions companies from over 320 respondents around the...

“There’s so much waste,” a publisher says with a sigh.

We’re speaking about guaranteeing digital video against panel-based metrics, and one can’t help but shake their head at the amount publishers have to over-deliver to hit demographics. It’s tough to watch a grown ops professional bawl over their lost margins as a result of serving an abundance of free impressions. 

For years, digital video publishers glared in envy as their TV cousins swam in buckets of ad spend. When, oh when, they cried, will those dollars shift over to our awesome, extremely flexible and measurable medium? Sure enough, advertiser interest picked up as consumer eyeballs switched over to digital – the latest report from Nielsen claims television viewership was down 4% last quarter while online video streaming was up 60%. But did digital video providers know that increased video ad spend would be tied to clunky and inefficient gross ratings points?

According to...

Editor's Note: Emry DowningHall, Director of StudyBreak Media, will be leading a larger discussion on "tagless" solutions at AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Sonoma from March 1-4. He kindly allowed us to reprint this insightful blog post as a preview to his talk. Got questions? Ask Emry in person at the PubForum – space is running out!

If you’re familiar with the posts on the StudyBreak Media blog, you know Google’s AdX and dynamic allocation are a major part of our yield solution. Even with an agnostic approach to yield management, I’ve yet to see a competitor that can consistently deliver the CPM rates Google offers with the fill levels they provide. For StudyBreak Media and many other publishers, AdX dynamic allocation has been a game changer.

Of course, it’s fair to equate at least a portion of Google’s dominance to the...

Ask someone to explain what “programmatic” is and they will invariably use the word “automation.” Makes sense, but automation for whom? For buyers, programmatic platforms certainly automate the purchasing of media across sites. For sellers, programmatic brings hundreds if not thousands of buyers their way without sales having to pick up the phone. 

But let’s not forget that much of programmatic is not automatic yet. Operations is still left holding the bag with a number of manual tasks in this not-quite-automated process.

I asked Craig Leshen, President of OAO for his thoughts on the matter: “At OAO, each of our clients have specific rules and requirements for managing monetization. There’s no ‘one-system-to-rule-them-all,’ which works perfectly and achieves 100% fill at the desired CPM level. Therefore publishers may elect to utilize a variety of monetization partners to help fill unsold inventory across multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, web, mobile apps, etc).  Each...

December 11, 2014 opspov Gavin Dunaway

Gawker co-founder and CEO Nick Denton sent the digital media world into a tizzy Wednesday by announcing he was stepping down as president and replacing himself with a group of senior managing partners to oversee the media empire. As I scrolled through the list of the anointed, I saw one name that didn’t surprise me, but certainly made me smile: Erin Pettigrew had been promoted from VP of Business Development to Chief Strategy Officer.

According to Digiday, Pettigrew “is the most important person at Gawker you’ve never heard of.” But she’s long been considered a forward-thinker in the ops community, earning a Digital Media Leadership Award from AdMonsters this year. She’s also been a great resource for me over the years for numerous stories, and was a key...

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