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Consolidation in the digital ad technology industry has started a new trend: going full stack. 

For some time, publishers have had to choose between one unified tech stack (ahem, DoubleClick) or piecemeal point and multi-point solutions connected by duct tape (aka, integrations). But full stacks appear to be on the rise, particularly with AppNexus’ acquisition of Yieldex (after buying ad server OAS off of Xaxis last year). We also await news about a grand platform from Facebook and LiveRail with bated breath.

“The integration of Yieldex into the AppNexus platform will create the most comprehensive, open marketplace for programmatic direct and result in the delivery of a best-in-class, full-stack publisher platform,” said Yieldex Founder and CSO Tom Shields...

March 10, 2015 admonsters Bowen Dwelle

As the founder of AdMonsters, I’ve been to just about all of our conferences over the years. At this point I’m used to the fact that you all aren’t there to talk to me, but people do often ask me why and how I started the company.

The simple answer is that early on in my own career on the Web, I went to some ad tech-related conferences, and for me the experience was just miserable – not just boring, but also disorienting and depressing. Borrowing some of the basics from a group of Web CIOs and CTOs that I had been part of, I struck out on my own and created the event that I wanted to go to: a tightly focused, super high-quality conference built around an intimate community of professional peers.

This became AdMonsters, which grew from a first meeting in the summer of 1999 of less than 20 people to full-fledged conferences approaching 100 participants by the mid-2000s. As time went on, I hired some staff, firmed up the content and sponsorship model, and AdMonsters continued to grow and thrive while serving the constantly evolving and growing field...

March 10, 2015 Joshua R. Weaver

Access Intelligence Acquires AdMonsters, Expanding Its Conference Portfolio with Leading Ad Ops & Digital Technology Brand

ROCKVILLE, MD, March 9, 2015 -- Access Intelligence announced today the acquisition of AdMonsters, the fast-growing and preeminent conference and trade show company serving the online advertising operations, advertising technology and digital media markets. This acquisition strengthens Access Intelligence’s leadership position in the media, marketing and communications markets with a brand that is deeply entrenched in the community of ad operations and technology professionals. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 1999 by Bowen Dwelle, AdMonsters (www.admonsters.com) produces the Publisher Forums, held three times a year, and the annual OPS conference...

Workflow can be the bane of ops' existence. The order’s journey from sales to ops to inventory and other stops can be a perilous one full of treacherous platform crossings and other hazards – it can make Frodo Baggins’ excursion to Mount Doom look like a walk in the park. Teams are stuck entering the same data into multiple systems that simply don’t communicate with each other. And the smallest breakdown can set off a massive inquiry through the complexity – some of the search teams may not return.

Hyperbole aside, ops longs to relieve the aches of workflow through streamlining, though for many this seems like merely a dream. Are digital media professional cursed to tedious labor for eternity? No – but workflow overhaul is an intensive process that requires months of planning and building before you can even dream about executing. In addition, you likely will have to lean heavily on a tech partner while pushing the limits of your own team.

Jeff Book, Senior Director of Local Ad Operations for Gannett...

February 11, 2015 Hiring salary survey Rob Beeler


In my years heading up an operations department, I would dread hearing those words. Too often it was someone who wanted to stay with the company, but the allure of more money elsewhere was too much. Sometimes I could keep them with a counter-offer, but that only works so many times before they are out the door for good.

Digital Advertising has more than perception problems. It has more than technological complexity problems. It has people problems. We need to bring new people into the industry and we need to outline a better career path for them.

The anecdotal evidence of this problem is easy to find. Ask any ad operations manager with some years under their belt and they will share how they saw great people depart for better pay and struggled to fill the open positions.

Once someone...

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