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Quick update: although Flash-based creatives are greyed out on Firefox, they are still registering as impressions. Also, some agencies are asking advertisers to disinclude Firefox browsers from their campaigns. According to NetMarketShare, Firefox has a12% share of desktop browsers. 

 Facebook head of security Alex Stamos grabbed a lot of attention this weekend and maybe even riled up some oppressed developers when he demanded on Twitter that Adobe set an “end-of-life date for Flash and to ask the browsers to set killbits on the same date.” 

Location, location, location is not just the mantra of real estate agents anymore. The ability to reach your audience where you want to reach them – and hopefully when they want to be reached – has long been a top perk for advertising on mobile. Of course, hyper-localized targeting sounds grand in theory, but bringing it to life and scale has been a long slog. This slog has become easier to manage thanks to programmatic’s spread throughout the mobile ecosystem.

Localization has been a cornerstone in mobile DSP Avazu’s strategy since it refocused completely to mobile. And what a proving ground the company has had to develop its strategy: the burgeoning smartphone wonderland of the Asia-Pacific region, where hyper-local targeting is a necessity for advertisers both large and small.

Recently named one of the top 5 DSPs in revenue share on mobile exchange Smaato for the second quarter...

July 5, 2015 Rachel Feldman

Rachel Feldman

NEW YORK (July 6, 2015) – Access Intelligence, a leading worldwide information and media company which acquired AdMonsters earlier in 2015, announces the promotion of Rob Beeler to the position of Publisher of AdMonsters, the premier community of digital media leaders.

Rob Beeler joined AdMonsters more than 6 years ago and has worked in Ad Operations for over 15 years. Previously serving as Vice President of Content and Media, Beeler will now have responsibility for business operations and further development of AdMonsters website, content, and events.

“I've had the pleasure of working side by side with Rob over the past four months and I am very impressed with his depth of knowledge and relentless desire to make this brand the best it can be,” said Diane Schwartz, Access Intelligence’s Media & Broadcasting Group’s senior vice president and group publisher.

Founded in 1999 by Bowen Dwelle, AdMonsters produces the Publisher Forums, held...

My father keeps full a handy sack of thoughtful maxims, and my childhood was filled with repeated phrases like, “You’ve got to go along to get along,” and “Choose your battles.” One was ingrained into my psyche at a very early age, and I find it continually relevant in the digital age: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

If you think the Internet is a complimentary lunch buffet, I got some bad news for you. I wince every time a digital thought leader makes a comment about the “free Internet.” The transaction between most Internet content providers and users is something I’ve always referred to as the “unspoken handshake” – users pay for their content consumption with personal data as well as by allowing advertisers the opportunity to reach them.

The use of ad blockers nullifies this agreement. With the growing concern over ad blockers’ effect on publisher revenue, highlighted by...

I joked on a recent panel that one by one, verification, viewability and bot traffic became digital media panics; so what long-lingering issue is going to evolve into the next bit of ad tech hysteria?

Our packed session at OPS cemented by opinion that ad blockers it, and people in the media world are freaking out about two recent developments: an opening for ad blocking on iOS and Google Chrome’s new ability to “intelligently” stop Flash animations, which is effectively ad blocking.

Let’s be crazy and talk about the latter first. With the supposed goals of saving laptop computer batteries (really?) and presumably creating a better experience for browsing, Chrome will detect and stop any site content running that it deems unimportant to the main content of the page. So...

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