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Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that viewability is a post-campaign metric? We can target ads based on HTML cookies in real-time, why can’t we determine whether the impression associated with that cookie is also in view, or at least has a high chance of being in view?

Well, according to CEO Brad Krassner, RealVu does offer publishers the ability to serve a viewable ad only when the space is in view. When the ad call goes to the server, RealVu’s on-page code informs the server which ad spaces are in viewable sections of the screen. Spaces that are not viewableat the time of the call are ordered to serve plain-old impressions with no viewability requirements. 

While previously this technology was available to publishers on the RealVu Exchange, recently launched RealVu Boost brings real-time viewability forecasting and optimization to...

"Can't wait to see ads on my Apple Watch!" said no one ever. 

I'm sure that consumers are wondering what genius will be the first to spam them with belly fat ads on the Watch. When an ad network for the Watch was announced at CES in January, a million fanboys (in the ad industry) screamed out in agony. Or maybe that was just me, dying inside a little.

The Apple Watch will be a convergence device for activities like behavior and activity tracking, touch payments, voice response, passkeys, remote controls, alerts, and many more to come. Interactions will take the form of short bursts of relevant, timely and valuable information, prompting quick, snappy responses. It will be physically and situationally aware.

It's worth keeping this in mind when framing the approach that...

April 20, 2015 Connect video Gavin Dunaway

Upfront season seems like it never ends.

From late February to May, buzzed buyers are carted from garish affair to ostentatious event, plied at each with swag and booze (but of course!) while networks and broadcasters (and don’t forget web-based content providers) roll out celebrities and musical acts to ornament their upcoming programming. Between drinks and skits, deals are made, orders are signed and an unseemly amount of dollars is committed to ad spend.

While this tradition may seem like a bit of "Mad Men" seeped into the 21st century, the upfronts actually bear witness to a major development in the world of advertising – the convergence of digital and linear transactions. Broadcasters and networks are packaging their content across screens to facilitate advertisers’ multiscreen campaign dreams.

Speculated about in studies and at industry conferences for years, digital-linear convergence is...

April 17, 2015 viewability Gavin Dunaway

Ad ops and hacking have long ridden side by side (check out this oral history of ad ops for more tales), so it's no surprise that the rise of viewability has ops pros reaching for their inner Macgyvers. Come on, you can even hear the theme song as you read this.

We put a call out to the AdMonsters community for home-made tools and resources that make dealing with viewability less of a bear and got some great responses that we'll be sharing with you. But we're still looking for more – if you've got a nifty hack that could benefit your peers, share it with us at content@admonsters.com. Yes, you could be known as a viewability Macgyver! (But I'd suggest you leave the mullet in the 80s, where it belongs.)

This week's viewability hack, an easy-to-download Chrome...

At a Publisher Forum several years ago, I distinctly remember the collective groan emitted when the topic of programmatic and video came up.

The last thing anyone wanted to do was put their incredibly valuable video inventory into an exchange. Many publishers were sold out and/or commanding top CPMs for video. Video is also more complicated as you not only have browser issues but player issues. At the time, the idea that buyers would provide video ads with the right specifications through an automated system seemed far-fetched.

I agreed, chiming in, “Video is not display.” 

I stand by my statement, but over time the logic behind it has certainly proven to be wrong. Programmatic has grown up to be more than RTB, and programmatic video is more than a flavor of display advertising automation. In fact, eMarketer forecasts that...

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