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June 27, 2012 Maria Tucker

In this week's AdMonsters Industry Roundup, we bring you the latest news from Casale Media, VideoHub, Visual IQ & more, with industry insights from David Berkowitz of 360i and Nikhil Sethi of Adaptly. Check it out below!



VideoHub Provides Awesome Digital Video Insights

VideoHub, an end-to-end analytics and monetization platform built exclusively for video, released its Q1 2012 Performance Replay. This report draws from 3.5 billion monetized videos in the first quarter of 2012. This latest report includes Player Size and Player Position statistics, bringing insight to the quality of the digital screen.

Major findings from the report include that 88 percent of all video ads were fully visible to viewers, a much stronger percentage than has been indicated for display ads. The report also details how viewership changes according to the ebb and flow of TV seasons. When seasons are peaking at their finales (Q4) digital...

“There were too many advantages to ignore,” comments Aaron Jones, CTO of IDG Consumer and SMB, when explaining why the company embraced responsive design in rebranding and rebuilding two of the company’s most popular sites – PCWorld and Macworld.

For one thing, unifying the back-end of those two sites – plus upstart website TechHive, currently online in a “beta blog” form but officially launching in September – has allowed IDG to seriously strip down terms of code. The amount of code used for all three sites is about a third of what used to make PCWorld alone, Jones comments.

Since mid-January, Jones and crew have been working with Mule Design to create the responsive-design enabled CMS, and the refreshed sites are set to go live in September. PCWorld and Macworld have long been running on a...

The constant emergence of new online advertising technology often creates an adoption gap, where skepticism and marketplace confusion prevent many key stakeholders on both the buy and sell sides from implementing new technologies into their plans. We’re seeing it right now with real-time bidding (RTB), a technology that is experiencing buy-in from the buy side, but hesitation from publishers.

Publishers see RTB as another mechanism that commoditizes inventory and forces them to surrender control of sales. They’re failing to see that proper implementation of RTB actually gives them greater control, and that it can be used creatively to shape direct-sales strategy.

One common way publishers are doing this is through the private exchange model, which helps publishers set up RTB marketplaces for selling impressions in real-time, while tightly controlling who has access to that inventory.


You’ve got Salesforce.com.  You’re managing contacts, and tracking the basics of campaigns, but you just can’t get it to generate a reliable monthly revenue forecast.  This article is for you!

The key for media companies is that the out of the box forecasting function just isn’t designed to work the way revenue flows from media campaigns.

Standard forecasting just doesn’t work for Media

The out of the box product schedules display revenue equally across time and do not recognize variations in a schedule. You can manually update the product schedule amount and the total amount to show the correct amounts per month; however these calculations must be done outside of Salesforce. This manual calculation and update is laborious and becomes more so when you have multiple Products (possibly with multiple schedules even!) associated with one Opportunity.


June 20, 2012 Gavin Dunaway

A recent report from VINDICO Group cites research over 30bn impressions confirming that completion rate is a better metric for online video than CTR. As we head toward OPS TV, we sat down with James Grant, UK Manager of VINDICO Group, to get his take on online video metrics and engagement. If you'd like to learn more, VINDICO Group President Matt Timothy will be speaking at OPS TV on July 11th in NYC.

Is there a one true metric for online video? Obviously, not CTR, but why is completion rate a better indication of performance? What are your thoughts on GRPs?

Measurement across all media is a moving beast as consumers’ living habits are constantly changing, so I wouldn't say there is one true metric. Right now the industry is recognising that completion is an excellent metric, but the Holy Grail of all...

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