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The Weather Outside is Frightful, but Sonoma Is So Delightful

And we’ll be letting it flow rather than letting it snow! The cold temperatures of Silicon Alley have much of the AdMonsters team huddled against our SAD lamps, dreaming of the greener pastures to come when we head to Sonoma for our next Publisher Forum. But we’re also dreaming (weirdly) about our speakers! A lot of the topics we’ll be covering at Sonoma have made a splash this week in our digital advertising news feeds, so it’s been hard to escape our agenda.

RTB has been a hot topic this week, and a Mediapost article predicts that RTB will be more frequently coupled with traditional media in the coming year, as it has the...

People work in unique and fascinating ways; and, AdMonsters wants to highlight the creative ways that ad-ops professionals run their businesses and operations. Called "Monster In the Mirror," each week we'll showcase how industry leaders work -- from their favorite organizational tools and technologies to their favorite ad-ops trends. This week, we feature isocket's Director of Ad Ops and Yield, Lisa Backman, who pops from Cosi to Starbucks around Manhattan, and ocassionally hosts team meetings in her children's playroom, while isocket puts the finishing touches on its New York office. And, what's the one thing Lisa always has to have in any workspace? Her ergonomic external mouse, of course. 

Read more about what makes Lisa Backman's workday tick; and, stay tuned as we regularly showcase some of the most unique, creative and innovative workspaces and routines in the ad operations world. 

Vitals     ...

Startup analyst and former Cheezburger CRO Todd Sawicki will discuss the future of advertising beyond display during his keynote "Revenue Without an Ad Server" at this year's Publisher Forum in Sonoma, Calif. We recently talked to Sawicki about native advertising, the next big digital ad trends, and how he makes startups work. 

Sawicki helped move the the Cheezburger from the single website to one of the biggest humor platforms on the Web today, with over 13 million global visitors per month. And, with more than 15 years of experience in the world of startups, Sawicki has extensive experience in website monetization, digital advertising, user acquisition and more. For more on Sawicki, read our introduction

We hear about native being the new digital trend, but implementation is a little bit harder to pin down. From content-sponsorship to brand integration, what are the most...

“It’s verification all over again!” 

I smirked on overhearing this statement following an intense discussion on viewability at the Digital Brand Forum in New York City recently. For an ad tech reporter, the verification battles were boon times – there were plenty of digital inches available to sop up the endless vitriol and accusations spewing forth from all corners of the industry. A little viewability brouhaha could be just the kick in the pants digital advertising needs to get its mojo back!

Certainly, the aforementioned viewability panel seemed on the verge of all-out fracas, bringing an appropriately climatic close to one of the liveliest industry events I have ever attended. The Digital Brand Forum – which doubly served as a commemoration of the four-year partnership between Legolas...

“We routinely sell out our site inventory,” a senior ad ops professional tells us. “Our value proposition is our audience, which our advertisers can still reach – just on different properties across the Internet.”

Hence why her site launched a new audience extension program right before summer 2012. But this wasn’t the publisher’s first time swimming in these waters – an experience three years ago with a network partner left a bad taste in the mouths of the publisher’s sales team. Not only was the price point low, performance was poor as well.

However, with its hottest commodities regularly selling out, this publisher realized it needed to find new revenue streams, particularly on the consumer side. With a better knowledge of its audience thanks to the implementation of a data management platform, it seemed pertinent to give audience extension another shot – only this time, with some hard conditions.

(Read part 1, "...

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