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You have to hand it to print magazine publishers — they are naturals when it comes to clever integrated advertising campaigns that engage readers. I remember flipping through a print magazine by Condé Nast when a series of interviews with bar owners in New York talking about their favorite vodka cocktails caught my attention. And on the page preceding the interviews, there it was – a well-positioned ad for a bottle of Smirnoff Orange Twist. 

This combination of advertising and real content reaffirmed my appreciation for the smart thinking behind integrated ads. The feature wasn’t just about giving readers new drink ideas, nor was it just an ad for vodka – it was the perfect balance of interesting content to draw the reader into the story and subtle advertising that delivered the brand’s message. 

Cosmetics and fragrance companies have been partnering with magazine publishers in a similar fashion, and doing it well, for as long as I can remember. It’s almost impossible to make it through a...

Ad operations is no laughing matter. Then again, when you're in charge of bringing in the ad bucks for the Web's reigning authority on everything meme, jest in unavoidable. And, selling ad space alongside photobombs, FAILS and mischievous, bad-grammar wielding cats takes a certain kind of person – a Todd Sawicki kind of person.

Rochester, N.Y.-raised Sawicki lead the revenue side of Cheezburger Network for three years as its chief revenue officer, helping move the the company from the single website, I Can Has Cheezburger?, to one of the biggest humor platforms on the Web today, with over 13 million global visitors per month....

Some “facts” you might not know about me, particularly if you’re going by the picture on the upper right hand side of this page.

I’m a married male head of household who speaks Spanish. I have two teenage children and a high school diploma.  I’m retired. My income is below $50,000. I’ve recently purchased luxury cars and cruises. I have only one interest: sports. I’m in-market for every type of car you can think of: economy, compact, luxury sedan, full-size SUV and a motorcycle!

Other purchases I’m considering: magazines, theme park tickets, auto parts and accessories, and men’s clothing.

That, at least, is who a major real-time bidding platform thinks I am, based on several years of browsing history.

I have never wiped my cookies.

Here are the more factual facts: I’m a single, childless, working woman who has owned only one vehicle (over two decades ago, not in the U.S.)....

January 11, 2013 Creative QA Alex Kantrowitz

A few weeks ago, we posted a poll asking ad ops professionals to tell us how they were handling the Q4 traffic deluge. Our poll asked ten questions and went into the nitty gritty of how ad operations teams deal with high volume seasons. We are posting the full results of the poll below, but first, a few highlights:

Preparedness is Key Overall, respondents said they were well prepared for Q4. 86% felt their ad ops staff is ready and available to provide complete holiday coverage, 73% said their team was available to handle any client request promptly and with personal care. This displays true confidence in the majority of ad ops departments. It takes intense planning to determine the added volume you expect for Q4 and then to staff appropriately. Generally, the respondents to our survey are doing a good job of that, as 73% of them said they were pleased with the current efficiency of their department.

Beware of the Spikes However prepared those responding said they were, there was still a...

Digital Ad Spending Continues to Grow at Double-Digit Rates

It's little secret that investment in digital advertising is growing worldwide; that the audience for digital ads is growing; and, that publishers are slowly turning their backs on print. But, just how fast is digital taking over the reins?

Well, if ad spending is any indication, digital is growing pretty fast, according to new data by eMarketer. In fact, worldwide ad spending is expected to continue growing at double-digit rates until, at least, 2015, reaching the quarter mark in 2016. Last year, digital ad spend worldwide reached over $100 billion, and is on pace to reach over $160 billion in just three years.

Unsurprisingly, North America represented the biggest chunk of the digital ad-spend pie, spending 39 percent of ad revenue on digital. And, while North America and Western Europe are the largest digital ad spenders, growth in both continents is lagging...

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