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December 6, 2012 mobile valuation Alex Calic

Well before the media anointed mobile the Next Big Thing, venture capitalists saw its potential. Consumers have rewarded VCs for their foresight by how quickly they’ve adopted non-voice mobile services over these past couple of years. The result has been a number of high-profile liquidity events this year starting with mobile ad network Millennial Media’s ...

December 5, 2012 ad technology data Martin Loat

The global advertising industry has evolved in recent years and the ad tech sector is undoubtedly one of the biggest catalysts driving change. Whether you highlight the increasing number of quantitative ad buying teams and the rise of performance media buying, or the growing legion of stat-focused experts tasked with discerning actionable insights from big data, a clear shift has taken place. The change has wide-ranging implications for the ways brands communicate messages to consumers.

Across the creative, non-ad tech half of Propeller Group’s client roster, we’ve seen several agencies, digital agencies and media owners recalibrate their recruitment policies to hire employees with a firm grasp of statistical analysis and coding. But although technology and metrics are in the ascendancy, you write off the power of striking creative ideas and images at your peril. We should not lose the magic in the rush to logic.

Our client roster incorporates both creative agencies and ad tech companies, meaning we...

December is upon us and everyone is scrambling to either hit or exceed revenue goals for the year. Unfortunately for many publishers, one thing is working against you: declines in traffic. It seems people still prefer to be with their families during the holidays instead of visiting your site – the nerve! 

We took it to the Monsters to weigh in with their best practices for December campaign management, and they did not fail to provide.

Start With Sales

Digital strategist John Gomez says sales is the first place to turn: "A sales team who is aware of the typical peaks and valleys a site will encounter with traffic, will play a huge part in helping to manage that risk for ad ops by 1) managing expectations with the clients; 2) not booking campaigns with aggressive delivery goals and 3) proactively working with clients to optimize inventory."

Look Year Over Year and Adjust Forecasts

When December comes blustering in, Wiley...

Real-time bidding is programmatic trading, but programmatic trading is not simply RTB. That statement is not a riddle, though in the ever mind-warping universe of digital advertising technology, it’s caused a lot of confusion over programmatic buying. 

“RTB is just the mechanism – literally the buy approach,” explains Christine Peterson, Director of Media Services at LBi. Programmatic trading, on the other hand, is “the reduction (but not elimination) of human decision-making” in the serving, buying and selling of digital ads, according an AdExchanger column by Ran Cohen of Legolas Media. This automation and efficiency allows both buyers and sellers to leverage audience data for targeting purposes. 


The Viewable ImpressionThe Viewable Impression is all the rage lately.  It’s been blogged about, discussed in private industry meetings, debated on conference panels, and included in client planning decks.  The concept makes perfect sense: eliminate all the wasted impressions, and pay for only those that are in view of the user’s browser. Remove the chaff from the media plan and focus on the quality placements that will most effectively drive performance. And once advertisers realize they are getting better quality, they will be more likely to shift larger and larger budgets to Digital.

Unfortunately, the practice of measuring Viewable impressions is a lot more complicated than the concept.  The biggest hurdle is the ability, or lack thereof, to see through cross-domain iFrames. iFrames are used widely across the internet to help websites manage multiple pieces of content from different sources within a single page, while ensuring optimal load times and a good user experience...

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