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You might have read yesterday that Facebook is set to make a lot of money in mobile. The company is further along when it comes to monetizing mobile than it was believed, and this boosted confidence in Facebook stock (which rose to close at $19.88 yesterday).

With all the news about Facebook post-IPO, we connected with Nanigans' new COO Marc Grabowski. Nanigans announced their plans to support Facebook Exchange last month. Marc joined Nanigans after a nine-year online advertising career...

TV Everywhere- the ability to watch any televised program at any time on any device- isn’t a matter of ‘if’ anymore but rather a question of 'when' once you consider the evolving viewing habits of US consumers and the changing dynamics of the pay television business. The ‘when’ for TV Everywhere becoming a mainstream consumer experience though will largely be determined by the letters F, G, L, N, P and R. Let me explain.


October 15, 2012 Rob Beeler

Perhaps only the speed of light rivals people's ability to buy the latest gadget with a screen and use it to connect with the world digitally.

Consumers didn't know they needed phones that could connect to the Internet, but now 51.3% of the total UK mobile audience use a smartphone as their primary device. Apple didn't launch the iPad because users asked for it, but according to new data from our 2012 Consumer Connection System, 12% of GB households now own an iPad or tablet PC, an increase of 469% on 2011. Oh, and the Kindle is journeying across the Atlantic and will likely be a hit.

People love to be plugged in and it’s an exciting time to be in digital. However, for publishers this blinding speed proves a challenge. New devices provide new challenges and...

Media buying is about information superiority. Superior information allows parties of a bilateral transaction to quantify the value of the asset being bought and sold.

Consider the television upfronts taking place in coming weeks — they are all about information superiority. Unfortunately, value is based on the amount of increase (or decrease) to the market price and not on the underlying asset's actual value. In this instance, market price is not determined by a transparent bid process.

Instead, it's determined by the amount of inventory large buyers acquire early in the process, allowing sellers to increase the aggregate market price for all inventory. In such a marketplace the distribution of information is tipped toward sellers.

If the upfronts functioned like the display real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace (at mature liquidity and with transparency), many novel methods of obtaining information advantages and the volume of information capable of being deployed would increase substantially. In an...

October 12, 2012 Gavin Dunaway

I have to admit I was surprised when I ventured over to USAToday.com following its massive redesign. You never quite know what to expect when you give a redesigned site a cold visit – I'm still haunted by my first time on the rebranded TechCrunch site (logo still gives me chills). But fortunately, like my recent experience with the redesigned Macworld site, I was struck by USAToday.com's sleek, modern design and clarity.

And, instead of annoying me, a rich media takeover unit from Dodge intrigued me with its stylishness (though I was a little irked that I had to click the X instead of having it close automatically). 

But the bigger news on the ad front, as caught by Digiday's Josh Sternberg, is the shortage of ad units. When clicked, articles...

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