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Match every impression with the channel likely to garner the most revenue – seems like the stuff of operational daydreams, but I’m not going to tell you to snap out of it. Such dynamic inventory allocation is real, oh-so-real, and it’s referred to as holistic yield management. I know that sounds like one more piece of empty industry jargon, but it’s actually a pretty appropriate name for what goes on.

Fortunately I had Vijay Balan, Head of Client Services at LiveRail, give me the lowdown on holistic yield management. In addition to defining the term, we deliberated on the revenue opportunities that should encourage publishers to forage beyond the direct/indirect divide and the compensation and organizational hurdles to dynamic inventory allocation.

GD: When I did a little research on holistic yield management, I was pleasantly surprised that it isn’t just a buzzword. This is a real thing, but it’s a little hard to describe. Is there a straightforward way you like to...

I feel like I've been eating, breathing and sleeping programmatic video over the past year. But have no complaints as this has to be one of the most exciting areas in advertising technology. Oh, you think I'm joking? Why don't you download our new playbook on private marketplaces and advanced studies in programmatic video and see who's clowning?

First, consider the money – according to eMarketer, programmatic channels will account for 28% ($2.8 billion) of all U.S. digital video ad spending in 2015. But you shouldn’t just be excited by revenue figures – a hefty percentage of those billions will be transacted through private marketplaces, which are paving the way to the future of digital video buying and selling… And likely TV transactions as well.

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Call me a borrower, a copycat or even a thief. Many years ago, Adrian D’Souza led the first AdMonsters session that had a large impact on me, and the outline of his operational process at CNET became the model for building out my department at Advance Digital. To this day I have no regrets about snatching his ideas for my own processes.

Following his tenure as VP of Ad Operations at CNET, Adrian headed up Media Revenue Operations at YouTube and the Google Display Network for several years before moving to Quantcast. Through his hard work with the IAB and AdMonsters, Adrian has helped raise the status of operations within the industry, which was why two years ago we recognized his accomplishments with a Digital Media Leadership Award

When I recently caught up with Adrian to see what’s happening at Quantcast, we hit on a wealth of topics: smart protocols for outsourcing, how ops can be seen as a...

NEW YORK (August 10, 2015) – AdMonsters, the premier community of digital media leaders, prepares to celebrate the ad operation and technology industry’s most innovative individuals, teams and campaigns with The AdMonsters Awards. The awards program is free to enter, and will be the benchmark for excellence across ad operations and technology. The entry deadline is September 11, 2015 and finalists will be honored in December 2015.

For more information on The AdMonsters Awards, visit www.admonsters.com/admonstersawards2015

The AdMonsters Awards are open to ad operations and technology individuals and teams at publishing companies, brands and agencies. Vendors and technology suppliers are also able to make nominations, but nominations can only be made for individuals and teams from publishing companies, brands and agencies.

Finalists will be honored in December in team, individual and campaign categories. These finalists will display creativity, knowledge of the digital advertising industry, innovative uses of technology and...

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