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They say it will be a love fest, but we're all secretly hoping for a round of sparring – on Wednesday, April 18 at OPS Markets in New York, Matt Barash, digital media adviser and entreprenuer previously seen at Forbes and Fox Audience Network, will join pal JR Randall, Director of Partnerships & Ventures for VivaKi Nerve Center, to discuss how to foster better relationships between pubs and agencies. But before then, he's shared with us some thoughts about simplifying the RTB marketplace, the importance of personal relationships in programmatic buying and what keeps him up at night.

There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace between publishers trying to create smarter revenue groups from their "private marketplace" and the roles of ATD and DSP in how they generate more business. How can the RTB...

April 16, 2012 NMA OPS Week J Zilberbrand

Digital media leaders from Neo@Ogilvy, ITV, this fluid world, and others headline two full days of leadership sessions at the first OPS Week London. Accelerate profit growth through OPS.


Fru Hazlitt
Managing Director, Commercial & Online, ITV

Richard Wheaton
Managing Director, Neo@Ogilvy

Russell Buckley
Chief Marketing Officer, Eagle Eye Solutions

Liri Anderson
co-founder, this fluid world

AdMonsters, the global community of online advertising technology and operations leaders, are extremely proud to announce our media partnership with New Media Age (NMA) for OPS Week London plus offer readers an exclusive...

Prior to his OPS Markets NY (April 18!) presentation on taking control of the marketing mix via a DMP, Xaxis Managing Director of North America Paul Dolan stole a few moments to detail the many facets of WPP’s audience buying platform.

Xaxis launched as WPP's central audience buying platform last year – do you consider it a trading desk? Why or why not?

While Xaxis does offer trading desk functionality within our suite of services, it’s really only one element in the overall picture of what we do. On a macro level, Xaxis allows advertisers to manage their entire digital audience-buying program from a single location from which they can reach the industry’s largest universe of audience portraits.  Not just in display, but in online video, mobile and social.  Also, unlike most trading desks, Xaxis gives advertisers access to the benefits of...

With AdMonsters Brazil right around the corner we took it upon ourselves to give you an preview into what looks set to be the seminal event in the Latin American digital marketing calendar.

We sat down with Rodrigo Toledo, General Manager at CUBOCC (colleague of AdMonsters Brazil speaker Rene de Paula) to ask about the fast-maturing internet culture in Brazil and how the digital advertising market was shaping up. 

Read our chat with Rodrigo below below.

What is the most exciting aspect of the Brazilian digital advertising marketplace? How is it different from other markets?

The extraordinary growth of internet access penetration in Brazil is moving digital advertising marketplace to another level.

Taking in consideration the ‘Brazilian open TV soap opera media consumption culture’ the way digital consumption is growing is breaking the traditional Brazilian model.

The main difference from other markets is how consumer’s media...

April 11, 2012 ABC Maria Tucker

Just Two Weeks To Go! 

Join us on Wednesday 25th April for ABC's Interaction 2012, 'The Power of Trust.' Hear how trusted partnerships are being used across the industry to build successful media brands. Our theme this year will build on the debate around privacy and online brand safety, with speakers representing perspectives from across the industry.

Great speakers already lined up:

David Evans, Group Manager – Business and Industry, ICO
"How to ensure your brand is compliant with the EU privacy directive"

Andrew Mullins, Managing Director, London Evening Standard & The Independent
"Find out how to make your brand successful across...

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