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Editor's Note: aiMatch recently released an eBook, "Building A Solid Data Strategy" which you can download free from their site. In this post Chris Hanburger, VP of Sales at aiMatch, discusses the need for publishers to have a data foundation.

A lot of people in our industry are talking about data.  Most of the conversation centers around audience data such as demographics, interests, “likes”, behaviors, etc.  I know it’s important and has its place.  As an industry we preach about how accountable digital is and how we “know more” than any other advertising medium.  

However, a majority of the publishers I talk with, are still trying to answer basic questions about their own advertising business:  What do I have to sell, each day, week, month?  Are my products priced appropriately?  What is my sell thru across my properties?  Questions that are answered from utilizing their first party data that is tied to inventory forecasts, delivery numbers, sales orders,...

March 14, 2011 Drupal Bowen Dwelle

AdMonsters has been around since 1999, and for many years our site was an true antique, constructed of hand-built PHP that was very fragile, hard to extend, and left us highly dependent on me, the founder, CEO and de-facto CTO. We knew we had to move towards a modern, robust web platform with broad support, and after some deliberation we ended up rebuilding the site with Drupal. The rebuild took tons of work, and of course it will never be done, but Drupal is awesome and we're looking forwards a long and happy working partnership with the Drupal community. Here is a presentation that I just on How and Why AdMonsters Chose Drupal, and what we learned along the way:

Eric MeixnerEric Meixner is the Director of Ad Operations and User Metrics at WhitePages, Inc. a Top 50 website based in Seattle. Eric will be presenting "Buying and Selling Data" at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Memphis next week. We spoke with Eric about ad ops, privacy and self-regulation.

Q: Can you briefly describe what you do in your current role?

I am in charge of the 10 person Ad Operations team here at WhitePages, Inc. My team is split between Seattle and New York City.

Q: How do you see ad operations role in the industry - will it change this year?

I do not see any major changes ahead for ad operations in the industry. We will still be the buffer that keeps the sales staff and the engineers from harming one another....

AMI announced today that they have signed up to use Operative.One. Read the press release.

We spoke with AMI about the decision to use an advertising business management provider.

Q: Please briefly describe AMI's business and current ad operations organization. Do you have a centralized team that manages the 15 websites or is it de-centralized?
American Media Inc. (AMI) owns and operates the leading celebrity and health & fitness media brands in the country. Our magazines have a combined total circulation of 6.8 million and reach more than 54 million men and women each month. Our digital properties reach an average of 10 million unique visitors and 100 million page views monthly.
We have a centralized Ad Operations team that services our 15 websites.
Q: What ad server solution(s) do you currently use? In the press release, it's mentioned that you are looking to streamline your display, video and mobile inventory. Are you currently using...

Dear AdMonsters,

Let me start by saying that I am doing a session on this topic in Memphis next week. If you are going and will be joining the session, please send feedback before Monday and I can incorporated it into the presentation.

Since Google announced that page load time is an important factor in their ranking algorithm, there has been a lot of pressure from SEO teams and business managers in general to pull down all the 3rd party pixels/snippets. The issue is, groups like AdOps, Editorial, Marketing, Research and BizDev need to run this stuff in order to accommodate things like audience/behavioral targeting, social media products, analytical products etc. For the past year and a half, I feel like every 3 months I have to do a “Sophie’s Choice” (I apologize for over-dramatization) analysis on what can stay on the pages and what has to come down.

In addition, there has always been a need for AdOps, at least in my company, to manage these snippets more effectively and efficiently....

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