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September 27, 2011 op-us-2 OPS Doug Weaver

Q: Doug, in your role as your role of founder and CEO of the Upstream Group, you work with a lot of media sellers. Have you seen over time the need for media sellers to understand more of the operational side of the business? Is this ultimately a good thing?

I think that any organization that allows sales and operations to remain segregated from one another is sabotaging its own future. What a customer is buying from you is not impressions or metrics: it's an experience. You should be organized to give clients an excellent experience every time your company touches them. How can you do this if the person who sells the deal doesn't understand the person who has to make it a reality. And vice versa.


As AdMonsters OPS Mobile approaches, one of the hottest topics has been monetizing mobile effectively for local advertising. AdMonsters spoke with Shaunak Khire, CEO of Adlibrium, about how mobile can be utilized as a tool to support local commerce and non-profits. Adlibrium uses their marketing platform to support both local clients and the company's own partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative.


1. How does Adlibrium empower small business owners to market effectively on mobile devices?

As Adlibrium is local commerce platform, we allow our users to create all types of campaigns - ad campaigns for a business app, offer campaigns, or exclusive offers, among others. All of this, of course, is

done on tablets and mobile devices. The first question that would come to anybody's mind is Why mobile for small businesses? Mobile commerce, which is local advertising in its true sense, is just getting started and is probably the frontier for local shopping and marketing – Adlibrium will be a part of both. 


Many digital publishers are experiencing an identity crisis. They’re asking themselves, ‘Am I a digital publisher, or a systems integrator?’ Unfortunately, the answer isn’t clear.

As a member of a software company, I find the context of the question the most interesting.  Publishers and systems integrators are no longer mutually exclusive, but how far down the systems/technology company road does a publisher really want to travel?

Every company that publishes content online is part “tech” company, by definition.  These publishers worry about the CMS they’ll use, delivery networks they’ll work with, and how many site engineers and developers are on staff. These are obvious and important concerns that need to be addressed. If you can’t get the content out into the wild, then you really don’t have a company.

Most online publishers have roots that run deeper than digital. Magazines and newspapers have legacy publishing businesses that rely on subscriptions. Some online publishers may cross into television, and now every big publisher must have a mobile component as well. Each element in the publishing empire involves new technology and...

Videoplaza is sponsoring Tom Bowman's session Video Will Become Television, Television Will Become Video at the OPS Europe event Tuesday in Cologne. In advance of the event we asked Sorosh Tavakoli, Founder and CEO of Videoplaza, a few questions about video, ad operations and the state of the industry.


Video is a hot topic nowadays. Can you give us an introduction to Videoplaza, and what problems you trying to solve?


The shift from linear broadcast TV to the New IP-delivered TV is happening now. We believe this represents a massive opportunity – the biggest advertising medium on this planet is being disrupted. Our goal is to help our broadcast and publisher clients to build a successful business around this new medium. The core of our offering is a sell side ad management platform, built to maximize the value of our client’s audience. Our value proposition is threefold:...

Sept 20, 2011, Köln

in Partnership with dmexco 2011

AdMonsters OPS Europe event on Sept 20 in Cologne has an incredible lineup of speakers on the agenda, including keynote Dr. Mark Grether, Chief Operating Officer, Xaxis. AdMonsters caught up with Dr. Mark Grether to discuss his keynote address ‘A New Direction Forward’, what Xaxis can offer premium publishers and the future of the digital advertising industry.

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