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Offering further proof of how much online display technology is inspired by the financial industry, Legolas Media announced numerous agency partners, including Horizon Media, on board with its audience futures marketplace. Employing a complex algorithm that incorporates 10,000 data points regarding audience targeting, Legolas enables publishers to sell guaranteed inventory based on the likelihood of targeted audiences visiting the site. We caught up with Yoav Arnstein, Legolas' CEO and cofounder, who was kind enough to explain how publishers use the company's technology as well as how advertisers buy on the Legolas Marketplace.


What are audience futures, and what was Legolas’ inspiration for building the technology to bring them to market?



In this performance-driven medium, the push to increase performance is never-ending. I’ve seen many publishers invest deeply in people, process and technology to increase the revenue a page can yield, independent of the number of times it has been viewed. Today, it’s fairly common to have an internal discipline around optimizing unsold ad space, managing rate cards, packaging, links, etc.


As I work with publishers both large and small, there is a growing realization that working with data is the next logical step in leapfrogging page yield up another couple of notches. Here are some of the perspectives I gained from content thought leaders over the last few months.

1. Page yield is about optimizing the value the page has to the advertiser, publisher and user.



My grandfather was my idol growing up. A man of conviction, intelligence and balance, he was my blueprint for personal and commercial success. While he said many things that I use for personal guidance every day, regarding business he once said, “Vikram, you need to build something. It’s all well and good to enable but there’s no real substitute for getting your hands dirty.”

I will grant that he was using the building analogy in both a metaphorical and a physical sense – he was responsible for building the hydro-electric dams that still power the city of Bombay today. However, until I went to work for the consumer media division of Thomson Reuters in July 2011, I felt like I had not explored his statement in any depth.

The Precursors


December 23, 2011 J Zilberbrand


OPS Markets in London on February 9 is the place to get involved in the discussion. Right now there’s no hotter topic in the operations community than Privacy and the impending hammer coming down attached to the ePrivacy Directive.

OPS Markets London at Grange Tower Hill will feature a panel with some of the leaders and forward thinkers on the subject including a representative from Evidon, the world’s largest dedicated provider of privacy and compliance solutions for digital media. Check out their latest blog posting thoroughly examining the Directive below and then review the agenda for OPS Markets and register today!


The Regulatory Crescendo in Europe

By Colin O'Malley

For anyone following the ePrivacy Directive in Europe, 2011 is ending with a bang. In London, we at Evidon and our friends at Field Fisher Waterhouse...


As we tick away the final days of 2011, hopefully you're planning your New Year's Eve party and not stressing out about yield management in 2012. Over here at AdMonsters, we're pondering the year to come for the ad operations community, and the first step is to examine what happened in the year past. Not surprising, there's a lot of articles about RTB and private marketplaces in this collection of the most popular content on the AdMonsters website in 2011, but there are also some insightful pieces exploring developments in mobile and video (as well as mobile video). So before you start worrying too much about 2012, take a stroll down ad ops memory lane – it just may inspire you (or drive you to drink, which is OK because it's New Year's!).

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