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May 31, 2012 Gautam Srivastava

We're always looking to inform the AdMonsters Community of events and meets that are happening out there that could help drive the industry as a whole forward. 

VideoNuze 2012 Online Video Advertising summit is the can't miss New York event for anyone looking to learn best practice from those in the know from one of the fastest growing sectors of the online advertising world.

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Online video viewership is exploding, and marketers are racing to keep up. With viewers now fully in control, traditional TV advertising alone is no longer enough. 

Meanwhile, a massive volume of premium-quality video, including many online-only original programs, is now being rolled out. For this new ecosystem to succeed, effective...

Videoplaza has seen the future of online video, and it looks pretty fragmented. Hence why in March the company Introduced its device-aware ad platform Karbon, which enables publishers to monetise video content anywhere it is viewed – desktop, smartphone, tablet as well as up-and-coming toys joining the assortment of Internet-connected devices.

As a preview to AdMonsters' upcoming OPS TV event in New York, we caught up with Videoplaza CEO Sorosh Tavakoli to hear more about Karbon, device proliferation and the concept of "New TV."

Videoplaza’s roots are in pure-play online video – what drove the company’s evolution into its expanded form?

In ’07, I...

Go in-depth and learn from those in the know when it comes to new metrics and Viewable Impressions at this year’s only European AdMonsters Publisher Forum.

As the digital marketing industry continues to grow the discussion around the metrics we use and deliver to clients have come under the microscope and nowhere has this been more apparent than in Display.

With just over a billion pounds spent on Display advertising in the UK alone (IAB 2011 figures), agencies and clients are well within their rights to demand more in terms of ROI.

In fact, many would argue that it’s amazing that Display has cultivated such a proportion of ad spend (28% according to the very same IAB 2011 stats) with the simplistic idea of impressions – without any meaningful form of verification.

The front-runner in the mire of new...

Yesterday 24/7 Media (rebranded from 24/7 Real Media last month) announced an extensive partnership with Microsoft Advertising, including naming the Microsoft Advertising Exchange the exclusive third-party ad exchange offered to users of 24/7 Open AdStream; annointing the Microsoft Media Network as the only non-WPP demand source with programmatic access to the Real Media Group's premium inventory; and opening up the Microsoft Media Network to media planning tool 24/7 Connect.

We caught up with Nicolle Pangis, President, Europe of Real Media Group, a business unit of 24/7 Media, for more of a European perspective on 24/7's evolution, with particular focus on the acquisition of Panache, the growth of the 24/7 Access and dealing with the looming E- Privacy Directive.

What's quite unique about Real Media Group's offering is that you're powered by your own technology platform – how do you think...

I was in London last week for OPS London and to prepare for our Vienna Publisher Forum June 17-20th. Fortunately my visit allowed me to mingle with some elite digital minds at a SpotXchange dinner and a packed IAB Mobile Engage event. While the focus of the dinner and the Mobile Engage weren't on operations, I'm always looking out for insights to share with those who live, breathe and eat ops. It's why some of my presenters refer to me as, "Mr. Takeaway". Here are some specific takeaways I left with:

Operations can't be so caught up in the technology.

AdMonsters was fortunate to have Jonny Shaw, Master Chieftan from Naked Play kick off another conference (Jonny spoke at...

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