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The issue of privacy - the proper handling of sensitive consumer data - is not new. Over the years, the amount of attention we focus on addressing privacy concerns ebbs and flows based more on the political climate than it does our interest in putting the problem behind us by demonstrating it’s important to us.
Perhaps this is changing. At...

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Mobile has been dubbed the ‘holy grail’ of advertising given that it is already the most ubiquitous multimedia device in history.

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It's pretty clear that 2011 has been an inflection point for location. Local targeting tools on the Web and mobile devices grows easier -- but defining the best strategies to apply them remains an ongoing issue.


On Oct. 25 and 26 in New York City, Street Fight, the leading site for analysis and information on the hyperlocal industry, will host the first Street Fight Summit, which will bring together top executives from Patch, Foursquare, Groupon and other name-brands in the hyperlocal landscape to share insights and strategies for leveraging the local channel. Hear them discuss ways to develop stronger customer...

Given the immense popularity of video streaming on mobile devices, mobile video ads will certainly play a large role in shaping the future mobile advertising landscape. In this AdMonsters OPS Mobile exclusive blog post, NBC Universal's James Gaffar discusses the current state of mobile video and the steps needed to capitalize on its potential.



Before June 2007


Mobile Advertising posed many technical and creative challenges for advertisers and marketers because of device fragmentation, the inability to support rich media, true scale and ability to drive effective messaging.  These issues can be attributed to the hyper-fragmentation of hardware and software support across handsets.  With hundreds of differentiated mobile handsets in the marketplace, delivering compelling advertising content with scale was nearly impossible.  During this time mobile advertising consisted predominately of SMS and basic text link programs.


Fast forward 5 years to 2011


September 27, 2011 display advertising Kate Maxwell

I was recently asked to lead a session "What New Page Designs and New Ad Units Mean for Ad Ops" at Admonsters Publisher Forum held in San Diego this past August.  When I was hashing out topics with the organizers, we quickly identified a topic that hit quite close to home: how to manage your ad ops team through a complicated redesign.  I’m with Gawker Media, and you may be aware that we just went through exactly that in March of last year—so intense of an overhaul, in fact, that is has spawned a bet between our founder Nick Denton and Media mogul Rex Sorgatzas well a heated feud with Fox News. 


All controversies aside, we actually survived the redesign from an operations standpoint and we were able to round up some great takeaways and learnings from the experience.  I was happy to share them because, hey- every one of our member publishers either has gone...

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