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April 23, 2012 DNT privacy w3c Gavin Dunaway

UPDATE: The AdMonsters DNT meetup was a rousing three-hour discussion that poured over into a delightful talk over drinks. Our appreciation goes out to all who attended – including representatives from NYTimes, MTV/Viacom, A&E Networks, Clearspring, Gawker and more – with extra thanks to W3C Tracking Protection Working Group Co-Chair Aleecia McDonald (her presentation inspired great deliberation), Alan Chapell of Chapell & Associates and NBCUniversal for providing an excellent meeting space.

In late February, the White House issued a report on consumer data privacy cleverly subtitled, “A Framework for Protecting Privacy and Promoting Innovation in the Global Digital Economy.” While rather wordy, the subhead accurately acknowledges a difficult balancing act: assuaging online users’...

For digital media to work, advertisers need to reach and positively engage consumers. There are billions of Internet-connected devices connecting every corner of the world so reach certainly isn’t the issue.

The challenge is this: how do we as an industry parlay that massive reach into positive impact? Without the current advertising-based model, there will be less free content, fewer free services and an increase in the number of paywalls between people and the experiences and information they want. 

The Balance of Value

Consumers have always understood the advertising for free content and entertainment value exchange. Television ushered in that reality in the late 50s and it continues today with web content and streaming video, social media, and mobile apps. Who wants to pay $10 (or more) every month for Google search, Twitter, ESPN scores updates or Facebook? Unfortunately (from the consumer perspective) there are two trends that are jeopardizing this balance of value in favor...

April 19, 2012 Gautam Srivastava

Monsters Mobilize!

I thought of that about three weeks ago and it's been burning to get out ever since.

Phew, ok that's out of the way. Welcome to the OPS Mobile NY Live Blog coming to you direct from a somewhat overcast Soho, NY City.

Stay tuned for a day of industry leaders, pioneers and - well let's be honest - dreamers, all set to lead sessions and push the mobile industry forward.

And we're off people - AdMonsters President Matt O'Neil and CEO & Founder Bowen Dwelle kick off the day with an intro into proceedings.

Up first we have David Berkowitz, VP of Emerging Media at 360i.

Pinterest, Draw Something, Try It On, Sad Keanu so far in David Berkowitz's mobile day. 

Amazing learning experiences through Mobile now - you can learn a language, about artisan foods and more through apps.

Task Grabber - If you don't know it looks it up, great way of getting odd jobs done. 

Snooth - scans a bottle of wine and...

We're very close to kick-off here at OPS Week NY. Some of the brightest minds in the digital ad space are currently milling through the doorway into the impressive space that is 82 Mercer right in the heart of Soho.

Looks like we're all set for a day of stellar peer to peer discussions for day 1 of OPS Week NY - OPS Markets.

We'll be keeping you up-to-date with some of the insights from the day right here so don't go anywhere.

And don't forget you can keep up wherever you are with Twitter - check out #OPSWEEK.

Ok let's get this show on the road.

And we're under way. AdMonsters President Matt O'Neill takes to the floor to introduce the day - starting with a short video of last year's OPS Markets highlights.

AdMonsters CEO and founder Bowen Dwelle takes the floor and continues the day's introductions.

"We're starting to combine the myriad of companies...

April 17, 2012 J Zilberbrand

With two days (!) left until AdMonsters OPS Mobile, we caught up with one of our keynote speakers, Michael Nicholas, Chief Strategy Officer at Roundarch Isobar, to get a sneak peek of his presentation. Michael will be discussing how tangible digital design is poised to revolutionize the way we use our smartphones – and the way advertisers reach consumers. We asked him a few questions to gain some insight into his view of the tangible, intuitive mobile future.

What are the most important advances in technology that will shape the future of the mobile advertising landscape (and how will they do so)?

There is a new breed of technology that will shape the mobile advertising landscape. The return of tangible design is powered by these new technologies and will change the things we take for granted in our everyday interactions. History has shown that when you inject small, tangible...

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