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The AdMonsters Content Team - Gavin Dunaway, Gautam Srivastava, and Maria Tucker - are excited to bring you this inaugural live blog from the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in sunny Oxford! Stay tuned today for insights and innovations from global leaders in ad operations!




The Kick-Off


9:10 -- Matt O’Neill asks who the new kids are and a good deal of hands go up. New Monsters everywhere...


OPS Mobile

In this AdMonsters OPS Mobile Exclusive, AdMonsters connected with Mihael Mikek, CEO and founder of Celtra, to discuss the current challenges facing the mobile industry and the future of mobile as he sees it.


Mobile advertising – What are some of the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge of mobile advertising is creating great mobile ads, or from a higher perspective, creating great mobile campaigns.


AdMonsters connected with Jo Rabin, Director of MobileMonday London to get his take on the state of mobile advertising. Jo will analyze current mobile trends and discuss successful strategies for mobile in his keynote, "Mobile Is Not the Future. It's Now." at the upcoming AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Oxford from November 13-15.



Q. What's one thing that excites you about mobile advertising today? Which aspects of mobile advertising should publishers be most tuned-in to?

It is tough to choose just one thing. It's a very exciting time all round in mobile. Half of the UK population now have smart...

November 2, 2011 J Zilberbrand

Geoweb Summit Fall 2011

Covering Local Data and Augmented Reality

The 3rd Geoweb Summit explores the opportunities in local data; how to collect and map it, how to process and analyze it and how to display it in augmented reality. The geoweb industry insider event takes place on Thursday evening, November 10, in Brooklyn, New York. Speakers include Ted Morgan (Skyhook), Frank Moyer (GeoIQ), Scott Rafer (Lumatic), John Swords (Circus) and a dozen other geoweb thought leaders. The fast-paced program consists of four panel discussions and a networking reception.

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The semi-annual Geoweb Summits are part of the Geoweb Forum project. Geoweb Forum aims to bring the different aspects of the geoweb industry together, from location-based apps to...


For those of us in the digital advertising world, there is little doubt that everyone and anyone will be consuming content digitally in the near future. Devices will proliferate, advertising dollars will shift, and at some point, magazines and newspapers as we know them will decline.


Today content lives in multiple places, both on- and offline. And no matter how many people shout about the death of traditional media, significant dollars are still going to these, dare I say, “legacy” media choices. Herein lies the challenge: If you lead a digital division within a company that has multiple lines of business, your own division’s long-term future may be bright, but revenue today and in the near-term is neither clear nor large compared to the divisions managed by your peers. What to do?


Even more, regardless of the legacy or digital argument, how do you overcome the fact that digital advertising may only be a second or third line of revenue within the overall corporation?


Many people tell me about challenges external to their business: competing sites, overall ad spend decline in the market, and social sites...

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