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All the hype in the display advertising industry has been around real time bidding for the last several years, and rightly so. Finding audiences with precision (cheaply) is marketing nirvana and, with all of the startup companies willing to work their tails off to make their “platforms” work for advertisers, the promise of media, layered with great technology, and tons of free service was hard to resist. Conference after conference, our industry leadership (well, actually I think it’s just the 30-odd people that speak at every conference) prognosticates on the latest data-driven success story, and ponders the meaning of the famed Kawaja logo vomit map, hoping that their flavor of audience technology gets acquired. But, like the old George Clinton lyric goes, the fish don’t know they are wet. After drinking the RTB Kool-Aid for so long, the real time practitioners may not realize that this fundamental driver of the display advertising ecosystem may not be as important as we all think. Here are five reasons to hedge your bets with RTB:

Quality Matters: Sorry, exchanges, but inventory quality still matters—a lot. The notion that you can...

On Tuesday at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, Microsoft introduced their NUads product - an ad product for that works with Xbox Kinect. That means users can interact with advertising via voice command and movement.

AdMonsters asked Ginny Musante, Director of Marketing, Xbox LIVE Advertising, Microsoft, a few questions about this new ad platform.

Q: Is NUads just for the Xbox Dashboard, or would this apply to in-game advertising and how would that work? Are there other potential uses for the NUads format?

Ginny Musante: NUads transform passive TV advertising into engaging and actionable experiences using the voice- and gesture-control of Kinect for Xbox 360. NUads invite the consumer into a conversation with the simplicity of a spoken word or a wave of a hand. NUads offer what is most scarce to TV advertisers today – engagement -- by moving consumers down the purchase path in their own living room.

Q: What is the potential...

AdMonsters Publisher Forum in AmsterdamLast week AdMonsters held the 16th European Publisher Forum in Amsterdam. Before the conference we asked several of the speakers key questions on topics that are important to ad operations. While all of our conferences are focused exclusively on online ad operations, the Publisher Forum is even more specific in its focus, with attendance limited to just one hundred of the most senior leaders in ad operations and technology at online publishers. If you weren't able to attend the conference check out this Q and A to gain some insight on what was discussed. Also be sure to take a look at the photos from the event on Flickr and find key points on the Twitter Feed #...

June 16, 2011 video Dan Foehner


Robert Haskitt is the CMO at Extreme Reach and is responsible for the company's global marketing strategy and functions including brand, audience, business-to-business and regional marketing, as well as insights, global communications, policy and related teams.

We asked him a few questions about digital video advertising best practices, video ad spend and Extreme Reach's offering.

Q: First, please tell us a bit about Extreme Reach and what makes you different from other providers in the marketplace?

RH: Extreme Reach is the leading provider of video advertising management and distribution solutions. We enable advertisers to digitally deliver their video creative to all of the major TV and cable networks, thousands of local TV media outlets across the US and Canada and all of the top online publishers, as well as mobile and outdoor destinations. Our platform simplifies the management of all video advertising and seamlessly ties TV and in-stream advertising together.

As for our competitive differentiators, we're the No. 1 TV and online...

Neal Mohan of GoogleLast week I attended the IAB Innovation Days event as part of Internet Week here in New York. Here are some of the highlights from the two day event.

Emotion in Advertising

Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo! and Neal Mohan of Google talked about how as an industry we are not connecting with people emotionally through ad creative. In his conversation with IAB’s Randall Rothenberg, Ross Levinsohn referenced the Chrysler “Born of Fire” ad that ran during the Super Bowl. He told Rothenberg that he’s still waiting to be emotionally moved by an online creative. Levinsohn said, “I would love to break through with some emotional campaigns.”

Neal Mohan (pictured above) also pointed out in his address “...

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