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April 5, 2011 video Sarah Kirtcheff

Yesterday I attended the IAB Marketplace: Digital Video conference. Digital Video has so much exciting potential for the industry and seems to be getting bigger. Brian Shin of Visibile Measures said video is growing faster than anyone could have imagined and Cisco estimates that in 2013, 90 percent of Internet bandwidth will be taken up by video traffic. How do we harness this potential?

The lineup of speakers including industry leaders like Joey Trotz, Chris Young and Robert Davis to comedian Kevin Pollack as well as Kevin Jonas, Sr. (father of the Jonas brothers and co-founder of the Jonas Group) seem well poised to answer this question. Here are some key takeaways from the day:

User revolution

Robert Davis, Ogilvy Worldwide, said what we are experiencing is a user revolution. It’s happening in content production, in contributions to content, in viewing habits, and even in advertising. Viewers of digital video content are now involved in all these things. Brian Shin, who was co-keynote with Robert...

March 31, 2011 video Jayant Kadambi

Video syndication is a hot topic in the world of online media. While the general idea is well enough understood—it’s a way for content owners to make more money in more places—there is still plenty of confusion about what video syndication actually is, how it works, and what publishers need to do to start the revenue flowing.


The easy part: understanding how it works

Let’s begin with definitions of terms. Video syndication builds on a similar model, which was developed for television. TV syndication is the practice of selling the right to present a TV show in a specific geography for a specific time period, especially to more than one customer, such as a TV station, a cable channel, or a programming service such as a national broadcasting system. Daytime talk and game shows, sitcom reruns, original TV movies, reality shows are all great examples of syndication. The same show may appear on dozens or hundreds of individual outlets at the same time, and even more over an extended period of time, generating ad revenue everywhere and every time it appears. It’s a big business, supporting a $4.2 billion ad marketplace in 2010.


Lotame Jeremy PinkhamBefore I get started, and in the interest of full disclosure, our company is in the business of providing a data management platform to publishers, advertisers, and just about anyone else that may benefit from one.  Our product, Crowd Control, is a powerful online data management system that has served as the infrastructure for our brand focused online media and data business for over four years.
Some of our competitors in this market espouse the virtues of a "pure platform", and more to the point, the pitfalls of an offering from a company like ours.  The point they are trying to make is that a company that has both a licensable SaaS product and a media network poses a conflict of interest and is a dangerous option for those in the market for a product to manage their own data.  We obviously could not disagree more vehemently, and believe quite the opposite to be true.  In fact, I'd be hesitant to ever recommend someone use a product offered by a company that they themselves do not use and...

March 24, 2011 mobile Sarah Kirtcheff

Mobile AdvertisingI hope everyone enjoyed the AdMonsters Memphis Publisher Forum. I was in Memphis on Sunday night and then made my way to Chicago for a conference called DrupalCon. AdMonsters is a Drupal site and we were very pleased to participate in this event. I took away a LOT of knowledge from our peers on the technology side of things. One of the subjects that everyone was talking about was mobile. It really connected with me how the same discussions happening at DrupalCon could be applied to mobile advertising. I'd like to share some of those takeaways in this post.

A little back story

For those of you not familiar, Drupal is an open-source framework/CMS/codebase used to power websites including...

March 22, 2011 Dan Foehner

Data Inventory Tools(But using them is still an art.)

By Thomas Siegman, VP Client Services, RSG Media & Mayank Agarwal, Product Manager, Zoox Analytics

A spate of new tools is letting publishers take back their place at the table, giving them critical insights into inventory management, pricing, and products—a position that they were in peril of ceding to the buy-side. Combined with the skills of seasoned professionals, these tools position publishers to recoup money that they have been leaving on the table—a figure that RSG Media estimates conservatively as 10 – 15% of revenues while better meeting advertisers’ goals.

The rebounding ad market is reviving classic challenges. As ad spend revives from 2009 levels and online media speeds past print, our customers tell us that they again face the happy challenges of managing demand against supply. Only now they face buyers sophisticated...

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