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I've heard from numerous publishers that they are regularly overbooked when it comes to video ads; some ad ops teams are actually seeking out ways to drive more video traffic on their sites. Overbooking has become an unwanted trend as video exploded this year ($2 billion in spend!), but the space is still a rapidly growing boy.
According to a new survey by Break Media, parent company of video sites like Break.com and a...
December 19, 2011 Andrei Dunca

Online video ad spending is expected to grow more than 43% next year, but even rapid adoption and eager ad buyers can’t overcome the complexity of multiple video ad formats. This crazy patchwork quilt of formats has been suffocating video, as the nascent industry leaps ahead of standards.


December 16, 2011 Gautam Srivastava

This week Infectious Media released their Insight Report on the state of the Real Time Bidding market in Europe and there was some interesting findings - especially arising from the more mature UK market. The report states that the RTB market in Europe is continuing to grow, currently the European RTB market tops 100bn impressions as a whole with 30bn of those coming from the UK market alone.


Google now predicts that within a mere 5 years as much as 50% of all online ad spend will go through RTB engines - and with these new figures released it’s hard to argue with them. Rupert Murdoch’s Sky state that going forward they will continue to embrace the RTB market at a quicker rate than even Google expects, predicting half of all inventory going through RTB in the next 2-3 years.


The report indicated that as a result of a more mature market, the UK is currently enjoying higher on average CPMs than their European counterparts - which has been great news for publishers in the UK. This has helped to allay initial fears that the RTB...

December 15, 2011 analytics big data sql Nene Kalu



When you work in digital advertising and follow industry blog after industry blog, you begin to notice a pattern. All the crowd writes about and seems to care about is data management. Data is our future! Data is our only hope!

Perhaps due to the astronomic rise of Internet usage across an...

Our friends over at LiveRamp have put together this insightful infographic charting recent developments in revenue strategies for publishers – you guessed it, a lot of the data circulates around RTB. Currently 44% of publishers surveyed are using RTB, which is estimated to handle around $6.5 billion in ad spend gloabally by 2015. Fifty-eight percent of pubs that work with supply-side platforms use them chiefly as an access point to RTB, while 54% cited incremental revenue lift and 48% said their inventory value increased.


But very interesting: 10% of publishers surveyed had a private marketplace while 35% said they are planning to build one. Of that 10%, more than three quarters have seen a rise in revenue and yield that they associate with privitazation. 


Seems like there's still a lot of publisher experimentation on the RTB front, which makes sense considering how fresh a lot of the platforms are. However, how soon till the days of testing the waters grow short and pub management demands to see real revenue? Enjoy the...

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