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For many of you, this is not new, but it is definitely true and worth repeating.  For any project or organization to be successful, there must be the right balance of People, Process and Technology. 

As Ad Operations professionals, you are constantly faced with doing more with less and are far too often placed into a reactive posture, when to truly drive revenue you need to be in a proactive posture.  Think of it is a 3-legged stool, where all 3 legs are important and if any 1-leg is missing the stool just won’t work.  Well, this is exactly the same for your organization.  If you don’t have the right people, the job won’t get done.   If you don’t have the right process, the job won’t get done.  If you don’t have the right technology, the job won’t get done.  All 3 of these legs are important and it is incumbent on you as ad operations leaders to insure all 3 legs are strong and able to support and proactively drive your organization forward.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll take each of these pillars and talk about them in greater detail, but in the meantime, I challenge each you to take a step back and think about your...

Digital media decision making is constantly evolving, and with demand-side platforms, digital agencies have set up lightning-fast environments for buying and selling a variety of online ad impressions, similar to the computerized stock trading desks used by quantitative traders.

DSPs are remaking the media landscape and increasingly blurring the boundaries between digital and traditional advertising. These new data-fueled media buying approaches will affect brand-related advertising and media planning and buying in the future and can also bring more advertising money to digital.

A lot of people associate DSPs with pure real-time or impression-level buying, but it’s much more than that. DSPs are a means by which agencies, holding companies, and all forms of buyers can plan and purchase media, whether on a real-time or guaranteed basis. You can hyper-target to your audience, surgically acquire an audience, or drive brand metrics -- such as lift -- on a much more tactical level than in the traditional forms of buying.

There’s a call for greater transparency and analytics in digital. Advertisers say, "Great, my campaign is performing. Why? Is it doing better on...

AdOps pros industry-wide are using Firefox and Firebug daily to troubleshot page level problems, investigate first and third party data activity, and sometimes just to learn more about how the internet really works. 


At Krux Digital, we’ve taken these great tools one step further, developing a special Krux-specific Firefox / Firebug add-on called Krux Inspector.  Upon download, Krux Inspector appears as a new tab in Firebug and allows you to go deeper than you ever have before in evaluating and understanding data collection activity on a given page. 


We’re proud to be launching this free tool, and as part of its release, we wanted to make it widely available to the AdMonsters community first. 


What’s different about Krux Inspector is the breakthrough visualization techniques – all results presented within an intuitive, hierarchical visual framework anyone can easily navigate.  With Krux Inspector:


  • Visualize the relationship of data collectors in a tree view, allowing you to analyze page-specific Usher/Collector hierarchies
  • Easily focus on...

Patricia Kill, Sales Support Director, News International, presented a session called Operations for the Future last week and OPS London. Patricia has been Director of News International Sales Support for the past three years, leading the strategic and operational development of both digital and print workflows, media planning and ad serving capability. We spoke with her about new opportunities for ad operations.

Q: How important is it that operations are ready to take on new opportunities?

This is one of the core deliverables, now more than ever. If being first to market counts for anything and let's be clear - it counts for a great deal. If innovation and creativity are increasingly the norm then being able to mobilise an operation and indeed scale it is of ever increasing importance.

Q: One could argue that ‘traditional’ online advertising is far from efficient now. Shouldn’t we address those issues before taking on new challenges like mobile and video.

What would we be waiting for? I would certainly prefer...

April 19, 2011 mobile Dan Foehner

Tim Hussain, Head of Platform Development & Partnerships, Sky Digital, presented the session: iPad & Tablet PC Devices: Challenges, Opportunities and Operational Readiness at last week's OPS event in London. Tim joined Sky as Head of Mobile Advertising in October 2008 to develop and drive Sky’s mobile advertising sales strategy. He has over eight years of commercial and product experience within digital companies across European and global markets. We asked him a few questions about mobile advertising.

Q: Does the significance of the popularity of the iPad extend beyond just being another platform to traffic ads on? 

The iPad has done for tablet devices what the iPhone did for mobiles; it turned them into a desired product by the average consumer. Tablets have been around for some years now but it was only when Apple turned its sights to this class of device that it has really taken off. And just like the iPhone, we have now seen numerous other companies quickly jump on the band wagon.

The iPad and tablet...

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