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OPS Market's Focus On Session leader Doug Conely takes us through the concept of 'audience efficiency' in his latest blog post. Read Tribal Fusion's Senior Director for Data & Targeting ‘s piece here. 

If you’ve heard me speak, internally and externally, over the last few months you will have heard me refer repeatedly to the concept of “audience efficiency.” I’ve been asked enough times now to explain it again after meetings to explain it in writing... So, what is audience efficiency and why should you care about it?

Lift vs. Reach

Before I can delve into audience efficiency itself I need to explain how we evaluate individual audience segments relative to an advertiser’s target audience, e.g. their product...

At OPS Markets London on Thursday, Feb. 9, Sean Harvey, Business Product Manager for Google DoubleClick, will speak toward the "Audience Opportunity," or how the sell-side can get a leg up in the bustling data trade. In this exclusive Q&A with AdMonsters, he tackles ad servers' biggest challenges at the moment, publishers' evolving use of the RTB space and unified measurement across platforms.

What are the challenges facing ad servers like DoubleClick in 2012? What are...

Maybe it's early on to be calling it "The Year of..." anything, but all signs are telling us that 2012 is truly going to be the year of Big Data. However, we're not talking about realization of the phenomenon – as DataXu Mobile General Manager Lara Mehanna said last week at Media Cross Media's Big Data summit, 1.8 zettabytes (or 1.8 billion terabytes) bits 'o data were produced in 2011. People seem pretty aware that the world is inundated in data.

No, 2012 would seem to be the year that companies – notably online publishers – tame the beast. To that end, Jeff Richman – director of publisher relationships for ...

There was a fair deal of relief spread around following the announcement of Facebook's IPO yesterday. First off, investors who had been dying to get their hands on a piece of the social network's business knew their time haunting the secondary markets was almost over.

But even bigger, so much speculation about and guesstimating Facebook's ad revenue was put to rest as the S-1 offered some hard numbers. Now we know 83% of Facebook's $3.7 billion in revenue came from advertising, and that $3.15 billion was up 145% year over year. Also impressive: fourth quarter ad revenue jumped to $943 million vs. $798 million in the third quarter.

However, even the king of display impressions admitted it was missing out on a gigantic revenue stream – 425...

February 2, 2012 Gautam Srivastava

We sat down with OPS Markets' Keynote Speaker Martin Kelly from Infectious Media and quizzed him on the RTB market place, the digital ad landscape in 2012 and got his predictions for our industry in 2012. 

RTB really took off in 2011, what do you see happening in a more mature market place for RTB in 2012? Are there any areas in which you feel it’s fallen short/not been exploited?

2011 was an amazing year for RTB and I feel like it's really starting to be a topic in mainstream marketing conversations. Previously we've felt that we've spent most of the time in a meeting with an advertiser educating them but now we're finding this happens less and less.


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