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At some point in the history of the Internet, someone placed code on their website that called an external third party to help it deliver content or provide functionality for that website. A digital miracle? Well, perhaps that’s taking it too far, but still imagine for a second how liberating that must have felt for web developers who no longer had to build everything themselves but could share code back and forth.

Third-party code helped the Internet develop into the invaluable and ingrained asset that it is today. But, as third-party codes proliferated, so did a plethora of issues as website owners began to relinquish some control of their sites. Many complications can arise because of third-party code, including failure of the site to load, malware, data leakage and more.

While third-party codes can be a boon for publishers and their bottom lines, failure to mitigate against their inherent risks can pose myriad consequences. That's why we bring you our Third-Party Code Playbook, with the support of The Media Trust. Grab your copy of the playbook now to learn key tips to optimizing and safeguarding your third-party code strategy.

Download the AdMonsters Third-Party Code Playbook

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Rob Beeler is Vice President of Content and Media for AdMonsters and has worked in Ad Operations for over 15 years. Rob oversees the development of content for AdMonsters events and is Editor in Chief for Rob Beeler joined AdMonsters in October 2008 after nearly 10 years at Advance Internet, a leading creator of local news and information web sites across the United States. At Advance Internet, Rob started as the only Ad Operations person and developed a department of 15 people in 8 locations across the country responsible for operations, project management, business development, web analytics and financial reporting, becoming Executive Director of Ad Operations and Analytics in early 2007.  Rob graduated from Syracuse University in 1990 with a dual major in Producing for Electronic Media/English. Rob currently resides in Hazlet, NJ, with his wife Nancy and their three children.

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