The AdMonsters' Publisher DMP Evaluation Playbook

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Media buyers increasingly want to target specific audiences, and are using technologies that evaluate and buy impressions based on audience data. In an advertising environment increasily based on audience segments, DMPs or data management platforms, have become an integral tool in helping publishers truly understand the value of their audiences. Publishers that have unique audience segments can be pro-active and approach buyers with opportunities that are differentiated from the rest of the market. 

But, not all DMPs are the same; and, not all publishers' needs are equal. Our Publisher DMP Evaluation Playbook, sponsored by Lotame, gives publishers insight into evaluating the need for a DMP (including helpful tips by AdOpsInsider's founder and writer Ben Kneen), as well as how to choose the most effective DMP for a publisher's needs.

For publishers that have the resources and a proper business strategy, picking the right solution is critical. The evaluation process behind selecting a DMP is a project in itself, requiring a dedicated project manager and the participation of all stakeholders (e.g., sales, editorial) from the very beginning. Download the playbook today to learn more about the growing world of DMPs and their growing benefit to publishers. 


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