Who's the Chief Experience Officer?

"Companies need to start thinking about the holistic relationship between brands, products, and services." A Chief Experience Officer might take command of these three pieces to ensure that company adequately addresses and responds to the ever-changing needs of the customer. Read more from Reuben Steiger on Method 10X10. If you'd like to learn more about behavior and branding, be sure to check out our Vienna Publisher Forum, where Paul Valerio will deliver a keynote address, "Brands, Data, and Patterns." Also stay tuned for OPS TV, where we'll discuss in greater detail the changing relationships between brands and consumers.

For the past 40 years, futurists, economists, and media mavens have debated which business strategies are best suited for the networked, post-industrial era. In his 1971 book Future Shock, futurist Alvin Toffler talked about the upcoming “experiential industry,” in which people in the future would be willing to allocate high percentages of their salaries to live amazing experiences.

Toffler’s prediction has proven prophetic. We are happy to visit Disneyland or pay real money for virtual goods because they amuse and delight us. Brands are symbols of experiences and we have learned not to question brand premiums. Spending $200 for an Armani shirt makes perfect sense because the luxury experience and self-expression create an intangible value beyond the mere cloth.
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