What is a Data Management Platform (DMP)?

March 24, 2011 Source: MediaPost

AdMonsters just recently launched a topic page for DMP - data management platform. I'll be adding more content to it soon. If you have any links or information please send it to us. SK

Update: a link for the whitepaper mentioned in the article below: http://bluekai.com/dmp/

What's A DMP -- And Do I Need One?

The data management platforms (DMP) is probably the least appealing and most misunderstood tool for online advertising. For starters, think of DMPs as a cross between ad servers and customer relationship management platforms. With data playing a more vital role in fueling online advertising, marketers will need tools to help manage of data assets. It's nothing new to business in general, though it may be new to advertising because of the newness of the medium.

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