Standards Pave the Way to Programmatic Video

December 18, 2012 Source: AdExchanger

Online video is abuzz, and advertisers are taking note. Whether it be last Sunday's Meet the Press or the latest corgi video, consumers are turning to the Internet for content at increasing numbers. However, online videos advertising has proved less than inventive.

The benefits of online video are hardly arguable. With a growing consumer base, similarities to television creative and a much lower overhead, online video offers many opportunities for advertisers; but what about programmatic buying and selling? 

Bob Arnold, Kellogg Company's Associate Director of Global Digital Strategy, says programmatic video is the future; and, in short, investment should be growing with the increased pace of consumers viewing online video. But one of the culprits holding up progress is our old friend standardization, or lack of adoption of said standards.

“While the industry has made broad strides in standardization such as VAST and VPAID — not all video publishers follow the standard," he writes. "While I’m sure publishers have their reasons, from an advertiser perspective this only makes things confusing and scares investment away because we can’t measure online video uniformly. Without standard measures, marketers won’t understand the effectiveness of online video or which partners are most valuable.”

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