Snack Giant Goes Mobile with Startups

January 4, 2013 Source: Ad Age

Mondelez, the international snack and foods conglomerate formed after a split from Kraft Foods Inc. in October 2012, plans to bring the power of mobile to some of the world's most notable snack brands with a pilot program seeking to enhance brick-and-mortar marketing, as well as increase impulsive buying.

The initiative, aptly named Mobile Futures, started up in fall 2012, bringing more than a hundred mobile-application startups together, each vying for just nine spots in the ambitious and promising mobile branding program.

The lucky nine have since been selected, and, they're working alongside brand teams for household names like Chips Ahoy!, Trident, Oreo, and more, creating mobile solutions for geo-targeted advertising, store marketing, and even multi-screen platforms that interact and complement commercials.

After a three-month stint in the mobile-app petri dish, the concepts will go up in front of venture capitalists and angel investors in hopes that Mondelez can snag enough funding to create a mobile-driven tech company (or two). The company would be its own entity, rather than fall under the tutelage of the Mondolez conglomerate, with the multinational corporation holding a vested interest in the firm.

"Ultimately we are trying to create something new that solves these broader business challenges but that isn't currently in the market,” said Edward Kaczmarek, Mondelez's director-innovation and emerging technology, during an interview with Ad Age.

With support of other partners, such as Viacom, AT&T, among an exhausting list of others, Mondelez's Mobile Futures initiative ultimately brings brands to the world of startups, giving large, recognizable brands the opportunity to dive into the startup experience.

"Each brand will spend a week with the startup at their location ultimately on a cultural immersion where they are going to live and work and breathe with the startup to find out what makes that start-up so special,” Kaczmarek said.

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