Rubicon Project Launches Revv for Mobile

July 16, 2012 Source: Rubicon

The Rubicon Project launched REVV for mobile today, which provides a direct and programmatic mobile ad platform and real time trading marketplace for comScore 500 inventory. 

LOS ANGELES, July 16, 2012 —  Rubicon Project, the leading independent digital advertising technology company for the comScore 500, today launches REVV for Mobile, enabling publishers to sell mobile ad inventory through both direct and indirect sales channels. Building upon REVV, Rubicon Project’s real-time trading platform, comScore 500 publishers and ad buyers now have a single platform and marketplace for the buying and selling of both display and mobile ad inventory. The debut of REVV for Mobile follows the acquisition of Mobsmith in May 2012.  

REVV gives publishers controlled access to more than 70,000 advertisers purchasing through hundreds of buyer channels (DSP’s, Trading Desks, Ad Networks, and Exchanges), and gives ad buyers safe access to premium inventory and an audience of 650 million global unique users and 200 million U.S. unique users (making it the #2 network in terms of reach as measured by comScore). With the integration of REVV for Mobile, buyers now have access to the same Real Time Trading marketplace for quality comScore 500 mobile inventory.

REVV for Mobile includes the integration of Rubicon Project’s proprietary mobile ad-server, automatically delivering impressions across iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices. REVV for Mobile, as a single ad server for all mobile inventory, enables publishers to more effectively directly sell their mobile web and in-app ad inventory on leading mobile devices.  

“As consumers shift from accessing content on PCs and laptops towards smartphones and tablets, the revenue potential from mobile advertising continues to grow,” said Frank Addante, CEO & Founder of the Rubicon Project. “Publishers that aren’t working with an ad technology partner to automate and optimize their mobile inventory are leaving money on the table. Our engineering team, now including the impressive engineers who joined us from Mobsmith, have worked around the clock to deliver what we feel is the most robust product on the market for offering a direct and programmatic mobile ad platform — in addition to providing ad buyers a single point of access to the largest independent marketplace of quality comScore 500 display and mobile inventory.”

REVV for Mobile is available immediately to U.S. publishers, and will be available to the international market in September 2012.

About Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project is the leading independent advertising technology company for the comScore 500 and reaches a global audience of 200 million U.S. and 646 million global unique visitors monthly, second only to Google (as measured by comScore).  Rubicon Project’s real time trading platform, REVV®, helps publishers including 1/3 of the comScore 100 make more money by automating and optimizing monetization of their digital media advertising inventory through a real time auction to digital ad buyers, while ensuring brand safety, pricing control and reduced operational costs.  Hundreds of buyer channels (DSPs, Trading Desks, Ad Networks and Exchanges) representing more than 70,000 end advertisers access and bid on Rubicon Project publisher inventory, forming one of the largest transaction marketplaces in any industry. REVV's powerful and highly scalable trading and protection algorithms, running on Rubicon Project’s global real-time cloud infrastructure, process more than twice the transaction volume of NASDAQ everyday.

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