RTB Isn't Beholden to Cookies

November 1, 2012 Source: The Makegood

No doubt you've caught on to all the concern around the Do Not Track protocol, particularly with Microsoft making "on" the default on Internet Explorer 10 – Yahoo! is the latest major publisher to say it will ignore the signal coming from IE10 browsers, adding to the pile of doubt over whether DNT can truly be an effective tool.

However, that doubt hasn't (and shouldn't) shed all concerns over the future of cookies – first, third and whatever else – as the EU's E-Privacy Directive still looms large. Most targeted advertising – particularly RTB – seems hopelessly tied to cookies, suggesting that if they crumble, a good chunk of ad tech might follow.

Except Andrew Casale, VP of Strategy for Casale Media, makes a good point in a new Makegood column: there's a fair deal of RTB inventory that gets sold without cookies. Using data from his company's Index Platform, he notes that as of October 2012, 18% of all RTB impressions were cookie-less. As Casale's recent survey on RTB and private exchanges noted, the greatest boon of RTB is actually operational efficiency.

While concern over the future of cookies is justified, Casale writes, "the intrinsic nature of RTB would allow it to evolve and thrive regardless of any limitations placed on the third party cookie. Although the third party cookie has propelled targeted advertising, RTB is a buying model that can adapt and it has been successful for reasons beyond the third party cookie."

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