The Road to Location-Based Ads

January 17, 2013 Source: Forbes

Mobile may be taking off; but, the platform's true potential lies in its name. As brands and advertisers push more money into mobile advertising, it's only natural that many want to take advantage of mobile's most unique feature – location. And, why not? Location-based technologies can help brand and advertisers target consumers based on real-time location and behavioral data, helping to make audience targeting both more precise and direct.

Forbes' Steve Onlenski recently sat down with Sense Network CEO David Peterson to discuss some seemingly untapped potentials of mobile, including eCommerce and targeting; and, why advertisers have to latch on to these potentials before truly leveraging mobile.

If mobile can deliver such direct and targeted results, why are advertisers cautious to jump in the fray? Peterson's hunch is privacy concerns. One's mobile device has the ability to document a much larger amount of a user's behavior, on a much more intricate scale – minute by minute, even block by block.

“Marketers rightly want to be assured that digital ad solutions are privacy-safe, both because it’s the moral thing to do and they want to prevent negative blowback on their advertiser customers,” Peterson said.

But, there's success in using location data to target consumers. And, as privacy concerns are addressed and standardized, brand and advertisers will be less cautious to reap the benefits of location-based advertising.

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