Programmatic for TV? Maybe, Says Dish Network

Programmatic buying for television ads? May sound a bit futuristic; but, with recent technologies by satellite companies that help measure show popularity, it may be closer than imagined, reports Bloomberg's Alex Sherman. Dish Network, the second largest satellite TV provider in the United States, is toying with the idea of allowing advertisers to bid on spots, using audience and show-performance data pulled in real time.

Dish could use live data to give advertisers info on show demographics, show performance, and more, auctioning off specific spots for advertisers to air commercials, all in a matter of seconds. Also, Similar to how RTB helps online publishers fill undesirable inventory, Dish can help offset commercial holes in underperforming programs.

Dish's proposed real-time commercial bidding could stir up the way advertisers approach television, giving them an alternative to the longstanding holy grail of TV metrics – the Nielsen Ratings. More importantly, real-time commercial sales could move television advertising into the 21st century, and away from estimated ratings and premature ad-locks.

And, with a less-than-pleasant rapport with advertisers because of its commercial-skipping AutoHop feature, Dish may just be able to appease its litigious adversaries with its bid to revolutionalize TV ad sales. 

AdMonsters members can watch Dish’s senior vice president of media sales and analytics Warren Schlichting recent session at our 2012 OPS TV event in New York.

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