Programmatic Revenue Pours In During Storm

October 30, 2012 Source: AdExchanger

Following a lot of pooh-poohing of the programmatic buying space in the digital ad media, nothing quite shows the resourcefulness of real-time automated buying and selling (note that real-time bidding is only a segment of this) like a natural disaster. 

Recent AdMonsters speaker Curt Hecht, Global Chief Revenue Officer for TWC, told AdExchanger that revenue from programmatic channels hit their highest level ever on Friday. That included programmatic revenue in mobile and video as well, which Hecht said was "like nothing we've ever seen to date." 

And that was BEFORE the storm hit the East Coast. A company spokesman told Digiday that Monday was's most visited day ever. On Sunday, the site hit its fifth highest page view count ever at 105 million (14 million uniques, plus a one-day record of 40 million video streams); Media6Degrees reported 50 times the average ad impressions for a Sunday the month prior. Accordant Media reported that RTB impressions on were up 13% Monday compared to that day's average from the previous month.

I can hear the cynics in the audience replying, "Oh great, programmatic ad revenue was way up thanks to scared consumers refreshing their browsers constantly, waiting for some piece of relevant news." Well, as a New Yorker who spent a decent amount of time on on Sunday and Monday, I didn't mind targeted advertisements for batteries and other relevant storm-preparation goods. In fact, I appreciated the reminder.

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