Next Step for Native: In-House Pre-Rolls?

As we dive into the changing face of online advertising – the imminent and high-profile push away from conventional display, native comes to the forefront. But, with this shift comes many unanswered questions; foremost of which, 'what will native do to the creative side?' Well, if parent company of The Verge, Vox Media's latest strategy is a harbinger of things to come, the creative agencies of Madison Avenue may be a dying breed.

AdWeek's Charlie Warzal discusses Vox Media's use of an in-house creative crew to develop video pre-roll for brands in his latest article. The company's guinea pig? Ford.

"We have a variety of capabilities as a new media company with quality video production,” Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff told AdWeek. “Other capabilities as well, like our publishing system Chorus and our editorial talents.”

But, what's the advantage of exhausting editorial and content bandwidth on advertising? Publishers know their audiences well; but, what's more, they know their content – and may be able to help brands better engage with readers on their sites. “

The same tools we use for our audience, we want to give to the brands,” Bankoff said.

As for what lies ahead for native, "the only thing that seems clear is that lines will continue to blur and feathers will almost certainly continue to be ruffled,” Warzal said.

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