Nanigans Announces Support for Facebook Exchange

Following Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's first public appearance (at TechCrunch's Disrupt SF) since the company's IPO, Nanigans, Inc., a Boston-based company focused on automated Facebook advertising software has announced its plans to support Facebook Exchange. 

Nanigans has been in the news again and again lately for scooping up prominent industry professionals, including a bevy of Harvard professors and Marc Grabowski, former Yahoo! ad sales exec.

Nanigans' support of Facebook Exchange will allow marketers to automate Facebook media buying decisions using real-time data at the level of individual impressions.

Also – and perhaps more importantly – this move will enable marketers to target users on Facebook based on their browsing activity outside of Facebook. For instance, retailers will be able to target users with certain items in their non-Facebook shopping carts. Overall, Nanigans hopes to deliver higher rates of conversion to marketers and more relevant advertising to Facebook users.

Zuckerberg made it clear on Tuesday that Facebook has "become a mobile company." This is perhaps one of the most important strategic moves coming from a company that has historically lagged in its mobile development, having placed too many eggs in the HTML5 basket. With this on buyers' minds on Wednesday, Facebook's stock rose 7.7% to close at $20.93 – still a far cry from its $38 IPO price, but perhaps a move in the right direction. 

Check out the full press release below:

Facebook Ads API Developer Brings Facebook Advertising Expertise and Audience Monetization Data to Facebook Exchange

September 13, 2012, Boston, Mass. (BUSINESS WIRE) – Nanigans, Inc., developer of a market-leading Facebook® advertising software, announced its support for Facebook Exchange. Facebook Exchange allows marketers to buy ads on Facebook via real-time bidding. 

Nanigans’ access to Facebook Exchange empowers marketers to automate their Facebook media buying decisions based on real-time, individual impression level data. This individual impression level decisioning enables advertisers to better evaluate the lifetime value of the Facebook user behind each impression and render creative based on every impression served.

In addition, Nanigans’ access to Facebook Exchange allows marketers to reach users on Facebook based on their browsing behavior outside of Facebook. For example, a retailer could partner with Nanigans to deliver Facebook ads to people who have added products to their shopping carts with creative specific to those products.

“Having measured Facebook audience monetization and lifetime value for over two years, including specifically for re-targeting efforts, Nanigans has a deep understanding of how marketers can maximize the efficiency of their ad spend through Facebook Exchange,” explained Ric Calvillo, CEO of Nanigans. “We’re excited to participate in this enhancement to Facebook’s advertising ecosystem, both in delivering higher conversion rates for marketers and creating a more relevant advertising experience for Facebook users.”

Nanigans, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD), is uniquely positioned to maximize performance of ad spend through Facebook Exchange with its knowledge of the Facebook advertising ecosystem.

Nanigans’ Ad Engine™ software platform is designed to internalize multifaceted Facebook campaign objectives, measure lifetime value of Facebook audiences as they pertain to a specific advertiser, quickly assess the appropriate price to reach these audiences, and render the right creative to drive a campaign’s predicted performance. Ad Engine customers benefit from customization of its automated, value-based bidding algorithms and full data transparency in its rich real-time reporting and analytical tools.

To learn how Nanigans can maximize your company’s return on ad spend through the Facebook Exchange, contact

About Nanigans, Inc. Nanigans develops market-leading Facebook Advertising software. The company's Ad Engine™ platform automates the labor-intensive process of managing and optimizing large-scale Facebook Advertising campaigns to maximize ROI. Chosen by leaders in social gaming, e-commerce, technology and financial services, every day Nanigans delivers over 2 billion Facebook Ad impressions that drive over 2 million performance events such as installs, registrations and purchases.

Founded in 2010 and backed by Avalon Ventures, Nanigans is located in the heart of Boston, has 60 employees and is growing rapidly. To learn more, visit:

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

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