More on NY Times Paywall from Martin Nisenholtz

March 21, 2011 Source: All Things Digital

Want more details on the NY Times paywall? All Things Digital has you covered with a Q and A with Martin Nisenholtz. SK

Q&A: New York Times Digital Czar Martin Nisenholtz on the Paywall, Pricing, Google and Apple

A lot of you have done a lot of reading, and a lot of writing, about the New York Times’ digital paywall/subscription plans. And if any of you who care about this stuff haven’t read Ken Doctor’s dissection of the strategy, go do that immediately.

Back? OK. For extra credit, here’s a condensed and edited–but still very long!–version of a chat I had yesterday with Times digital czar Martin Nisenholtz. I’m not convinced Nisenholtz is convinced that the plan the Times rolled out yesterday is the best possible plan. But if that’s the case, he certainly didn’t let on.

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