The Moratorium: No, you May Not Place a Tag on the Site...

Terrific article and really thoughtful of all areas of this growing sector Dominic. I would be amiss as CMO for TagMan, however, if I didn't highlight that TagMan publicly announced server-server connections through ServerTag since May last year ; months prior any other solution coming to market.

The challenge here, to expand a little - is that as most of your readers will come across; trying to get 'all vendor tags' into this process is like moving a fleet of jumbo jets off of Petroleum and on to bio-fuels. Great in the long-run but you need to transition slowly - but not just switch all over - because the logistics are just not there. EG - you need to keep the planes running and passengers moving along in Parallel with the transition. TagMan have 116 different types of vendor running within our solution the past 3 years; that's a lot of vendors who need to be transitioned - and a lot of logistics to be managed securely and safely. EG; MVT, Omniture, Core Metrics,Live Person etc - all need to still run and be managed.

The good news: More server-server will come along, as smart advertisers like yourself at Sears demand it of vendors - but it's just not on all vendor's road-map unless asked for; so using a combination of smart, conditional serving rules in the cloud with the addition of ServerTag as they come online is a smoother way that allows you to still work with all of your vendors and 'more'; whilst keeping an eye on that latency and data hygiene.
We have some industry research on our website that demonstrates the cost of tagging to your business that we are happy to share.

Chris Brinkworth
TagMan inc - Tag Management System with real-time attribution.


The Moratorium: No, you May Not Place a Tag on the Site...

Digital marketers, the time has come to heed the call and end the rampant chaos and confusion by putting in place page tag moratoriums. Today.


Upon taking a closer look at the confusion and chaos that the industry has come to tolerate clearly illustrates the rationale.


For too many and for too long, digital marketing brings with it page tagging needs that need to be executed by technical teams in other departments. Moreover, there are often precision measurement implications to retargeting and conversion tags. Although some legacy ad networks are making strategic moves, this confusion has definitely been a money-making opportunity. Adding to the confusion, the ad networks are rapidly right-sizing their staff, diversifying their offerings and/or reinventing themselves as exchanges, DMPs, DSPs, data layers and more.


That said, the real confusion can be split into three distinct...

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