Mobilizing Travel: Nielsen Reports Mobile Apps Beat Mobile Web in Travel

August 29, 2012 Source: Nielsen

Since our smartphones move everywhere with us, it should come as no surprise that consumers rely heavily on their phones for all aspects of travel, from booking flights to managing hotel reservations.

A study released today by Nielsen has found that 95% of time consumers spend doing travel-related things on mobile is consumed by mobile apps. Consumers only access the mobile web for 5% of their mobile travel time.

Consumers choose mobile apps for navigation 98% of the time, with Google Maps topping the list.  Users also rely on apps for 61% of the time they devote to airlines, which shouldn’t be surprising given the time and energy airlines have devoted to crafting their own apps (see: British Airways and Jet Blue).

Check out the full report from Nielsen! And if you'd like to learn more about mobile and measurement, be sure to check out the AdMonsters Mobile Publisher Forum, where David Gill, VP of Mobile at Nielsen, will be giving a keynote focused on mobile metrics!

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