Media Buyers Latch On to Native Ads

December 12, 2012 Source: Solve Media

So, just what is native advertising? The folks at Solve Media are trying to make sense of digital ad industry's latest craze. Surveying 800 media buyers, agency creatives, online publishers, venture capitalists, angel investors and more, Solve set out to examine the industry's outlook on the emerging digital ad model.

In gist, native advertising means bringing the ad experience closer to the consumer, integrating digital ads into their online user experiences. And the concept is gaining traction among advertisers, who see profit in dumping the traditional advertorial model for the native-ad experience. 

According to Solve's findings, media buyers are not wasting any time latching on to native advertising. In fact, half of media buyers polled plan to purchase native-ad inventory next year. Investors are diving into the fray as well, with more than half of those polled expecting to invest in native-advertising companies in 2013.

For more insight into native advertising, native-ad strategies, challenges, and more, check out Solve Media's infographic below.

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