Introducing Union Metrics for Tumblr - Tumblr’s preferred analytics provider

October 4, 2012 Source: Union Metrics

Breaking news live from AdMonsters OPS NYRick Webb, co-founder of The Barbarian Group and new employee at Tumblr dropped the news during his keynote presentation that Tumblr has partnered with Union Metrics to deliver powerful new analytics about how blogs spread across networks. Check out the full press release below:

From Union Metrics:

We’re thrilled to announce Union Metrics for Tumblr. This is the very first measurement product designed specifically for Tumblr that provides analytics based on their entire firehose of data. That includes more than 100 million Tumblr events per day. And, to add to the excitement, Tumblr has officially named us their preferred analytics provider!

Heard enough? Sign up for an invitation here!

So what does it do?
Union Metrics for Tumblr can measure activity and engagement for any blog or any topic on Tumblr. We make it possible to get in-depth analytics on all the cool, creative content that’s shared on Tumblr.

With our new Tumblr metrics, you can:

  • Learn which posts are resonating with full breakdowns of likes and reblogs
  • Discover how content gets shared with our reblog network visualization
  • Find your fans and see who is sharing and amplifying content
  • Compare post and response volumes over time to see how you stack up against the competition
  • Measure which tags or post types drive engagement for any blog or about any topic


What does it mean that you’re Tumblr’s preferred analytics provider?
It means that we’re partnering directly with Tumblr to bring you this product. They’re so excited about Union Metrics for Tumblr that they recommend it as the best way to get Tumblr analytics.

How do I get it?
Access is by invitation only right now, and you can sign up here.

Who are you again?
We’re Union Metrics and we’ve been providing in-depth, comprehensive Twitter metrics since 2009 with TweetReach. Now we can’t wait for you to see our new Tumblr analytics.



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