How to Win at Programmatic

December 11, 2012 Source: Digiday

When it comes to programmatic buying, RTB is only the tip of a very large iceberg. But in today's digital ad landscape, the confusion and conflation of all programmatic buying with RTB and ad exchanges has hampered the expansion of automated digital ad sales, according to our very own Gavin Dunaway in Paths to Programmatic Premium, Part I: The Meadow Beyond RTB

But programmatic buying itself offers a wealth of benefits for both advertisers and publications alike; and reaching beyond the RTB terrain is the best way for advertisers to take advantage of its full potential. 

For one, filling up display ad slots manually can be a hair-pulling task; and, with some of the architecture already in place, i.e., ad exchanges, automating direct sales could help catapult industry growth by tens of billions, Raj Chauhan, president of Adslot North America, said on Digiday

Programmatic premium, or programmatic direct, platforms, will help publishers lower operation costs, increase the quality of ads on their sites, and fulfill higher demand for ad space by helping sell a publisher's lower-tier, unsold ad inventory. 

"Automating the direct sales infrastructure to improve access and unlock latent advertiser demand for guaranteed inventory promises to change the conversation around programmatic buying, shifting the perception from being synonymous with ad exchanges and RTB to a broader and more attractive proposition," Chauhan said.

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