Google Readies Behavioral Ads in Mobile Apps

Google is going to make use of device ID targeting for the use of behavioral and other tracking in applications. This is specifically for applications - mobile web targeting will still be done via cookies. No personally identifiable information will be collected and it is possible to opt-out. This allows for behavioral targeting as well as frequency capping. SK

The company will tie user behavior to unique device IDs collected from iOS and Android handsets.

Search giant and mobile ad provider Google is preparing to offer behaviorally targeted ads across its network of iOS and Android applications, as well as the ability to more accurately track conversions from handsets running on those platforms.

Individual mobile handsets possess unique ID numbers, or "device identifiers," to which Google plans on tying users' in-app behavior for the benefit of advertisers. To date, the company has refrained from making use of device IDs for ad purposes, perhaps owing to privacy concerns, but numerous competing firms already make use of the practice.

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