FTC's Got Your Mobile Marketing Guidelines Right Here

September 7, 2012 Source:


With both OPS NY (check out Razorfish's Paul Gelb on mobile tracking) and Publisher Forum: Mobile on the horizon, mobile marketing is weighing heavy on our minds, especially when it comes to data and privacy practices. Apparently the Federal Trade Commission is on the same plane as it just released "Marketing Your Mobile App: Get It Right From the Start."

The brief document is akin to a sequel (spinoff maybe?) to "Advertising and Marketing on the Internet: Rules of the Road," and it's sold as "[w]ritten with a minimum of legalese." Truth in advertising: guidelines include "Collect sensitive information only with consent" and "Keep user data secure." Never would have thought of those on our own, but the guide is designed to apply to app-makers of all shapes and sizes. (There is a link at the end to the FTC's more detailed "Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business.")

The lack of details may be a problem as Marketing Your APP CEO Matthew Palmer noted on ClickZ that the guidelines "seem so general, the devil will be in the details." Interestingly, he also suggests developers are more worried about Apple's app rules, which have similar platitudes.

So we'll leave it to the AdMonsters: Is there anything insightful in this document, some real takeaways? Does it elicit a "duh" reaction? Or does it make you worried about how the FTC is approaching this fledgling sector? 


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