Can a Data Provider Also Work as a Network? Data Management Providers Debate Offerings

April 26, 2011 Source: AdMonsters

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post from Jeremy Pinkham, of Lotame called "How Pure is Your Pure Platform?" This article has since launched a discussion between Krux Digital and Lotame. You can read Krux's response to the article here and Lotame's subsequent response here. We asked Sara Livingston, of SeamlessWeb (who will be speaking at our OPS: Markets event May 19 in NYC) to comment on the debate:

"There's no question that the ongoing public debate between Lotame & Krux is great for the digital media industry. This dialogue is directly bringing to light the different options (both from a technology as well as business positioning standpoint) that exist in the marketplace for managing pub data. Perhaps even more importantly, this highlights a larger industry shift that has been occurring (and isn't fully captured on the ecosystem chart), which is the split between companies that service both sides of the ecosystem (be it through separate or combined business lines/products) and those that opt to exclusively work with one side (either the pub or the advertiser).

While these exact conversations occur between industry colleagues in the confines of conference rooms, calls, and at bars on a regular basis, it's commendable that both Lotame & Krux's senior execs are stepping up to have this discussion on a public stage.

It's by having these conversations publicly that other media tech companies (regardless of which of the aforementioned buckets they fall into) will hopefully be forced to re-examine their product offerings and push for stronger product differentiation across the board."

Monsters - what are your thoughts on this discussion? Please let us know in the comments! SK

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