C Is for Cookie, and Cookie Is Forever

October 12, 2010 Source: Adotas

ADOTAS – The New York Times doesn’t ask developer Samy Kamkar if a million MySpace friends was worth three years of probation, the sentence he received after he unleashed the infamous Samy Worm, which infected and crashed MySpace in 2005. That’s ’cause his latest little toy, the evercookie, is far more interesting — and creepy (but of course — isn’t all Internet technology?).
Except this one is pretty creepy: the evercookie is a javascript API that produces cookies resistant to deletion through storing data in several places on a browser. Kamkar has found the only way to avoid the evercookie is to use Private Browsing in Safari.
It’s a supercookie, something equivalent to one of those monstrosities with a 10-foot circumference that some press-hungry bakery cooks up to get coverage on the local news. Hearing about either may make you vomit a bit in your mouth.
Although its freely available, Kamkar swears he doesn’t want to use it for evil, only to show how much tracking tools could permeate browsers...

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