Behavioral Data, Conversion Tracking Veritable Wins for Facebook Ads


After opening its exchange, Facebook catapulted itself as an online advertiser, promising targeting through behavioral data. And, for Ad Age's Alan Pearlstein, the success of the FBX exchange serves as proof that social data alone is inadequate in helping advertisers effectively target consumers. 

“Native-ad formats aren't the answer," Pearlstein said. “New formats will help, but they won't have significant value unless they are targeting the right person. And that takes behavioral data.”

But, two is better than one – and, ultimately, the largest advertising successes for Facebook will come when the social-networking giant conjoins its social and behavioral data sets, according to Pearlstein. 

Beyond offering advertisers behavior data sets as part of its exchange, Facebook has now made it simpler than ever to track sales from ads placed on the site. Called 'conversion tracker,' the feature can track sales from over several weeks, giving advertisers a better sense of a campaign's success on the social network. 

And, as Business Insider's Owen Thomas notes, Facebook's latest efforts to streamline its ad structure put the social network in a favorable position in the digital-ad horserace, maybe even helping to drive some ad dollars away from the grand-daddy of online advertising, Google, whose stellar ad analytics have helped the company stand out as a powerhouse competitor in the online ad game. 


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