Are You the Company's Next CMTO?

August 27, 2012 Source: BlueKai's The Data Activist

All right, so it's not one of those cool three-letter acronyms like CRO or COO, but Chief Marketing Technology Officer still represents a seat in the C-suite. Besides, think of it like stocks on the NASDAQ – sure, most of them have four letters compared to their NYSE cousins, but that's because they're the young, cool kids on the block. You are one of the cool kids, aren't you?

But hey, what exactly are the responsibilities of the CMTO? Well, BlueKai says that as marketing becomes increasing quantitative, a hybrid of the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer is appearing in more companies. (I'm told this must be a new person – you can't just stick your CTO and CMO in a teleportation chamber a la "The Fly" and get a freshly mutated CMTO.) More strategic than tactical, the CTMO is tasked with managing the technology stack, measuring marketing performance and delivering co-ordinated cross-channel campaigns. Sounds like a breeze, right? Actually, BlueKai lists several more responsibilities in the infographic below.

Of course, we have to ask what companies are actually employing this model? Or is the CMTO a Bigfoot-esque creature along the lines of the much-rumored about Chief Data Officer? AdMonsters is still hunting for one of those...

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