Apple Delivers on Privacy Promise

When it comes to mobile advertising, privacy is key. And, as Apple juggles to make its mobile devices the most desirable for mobile advertisers, the company also has to reassure consumers that their privacy is its utmost concern. The tech giant answered some concerns with the release of iOS 6.0, allowing users to limit advertising tracking, similar to a desktop browser's do-not-track functionality. 

But, with the release of the latest iOS (6.1), Apple's gone a bit further, giving iPhone users the ability to reset their devices' advertising identifier code, a unique code used by Apple, in lieu of a device's Universal Device Identifier, or UDID, for advertising and mobile tracking. Apple's advertising identifier code allows advertisers to track mobile users without disclosing device information. 

Apple's winning the mobile-device horserace as advertisers push more of their ad dollars to iOS devices, particularly iPad, than other mobile platforms, including Android. And, being on the forefront of adding ad-privacy features may be a veritable win for the tech giant. Because appealing to advertisers means having a confident iOS consumer base, especially in light of Apple's previous privacy transgressions

“By being proactive and delivering targeted advertising in a privacy safe manner, businesses can differentiate themselves and take advantage of the opportunities in this high growth trajectory market today,” said TRUSTe's VP of Business Development Richard Qui in a recent feature for AdMonsters. 

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