Apache Ignores IE10 DNT Signal

September 7, 2012 Source:

Microsoft's decision to have the DNT standard on as the default for Internet Explorer 10 just got thrown a big monkey wrench: widely used website hosting software Adobe Apache has been programmed to ignore the DNT signal when the web server is reached by IE10.

Adobe's Roy Fielding – a member of the W3C Tracking Protection Working Group, a band of 70-odd companies and privacy advocates tasked with building the DNT mechanism and use guidelines – descriptively titled the patch, "Apache does not tolerate deliberate abuse of open standards." 

"The decision to set DNT by default in IE10 has nothing to do with the user's privacy," Fielding commented on his post. "Microsoft knows full well that the false signal will be ignored, and thus prevent their own users from having an effective option for DNT even if their users want one."

Microsoft's default DNT decision on IE10 flew in the face of an agreement between the White House and the DAA, as well as the generally accepted opinion of Tracking Protection Working Group that DNT should be user-enabled. Microsoft has representatives on the W3C group as well.

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