All Saints gives users control over ad retargeting

UK brand All Saints taking a unique approach to retargeting by using a tool that lets users choose what they want to see. Make sense, seems intriguing and is quite frankly brave, but how scalable is it? It does seem to be a step towards actually deliverying on retargeting tenant of giving the consumer revelant ads they want to see. SK

All Saints has introduced an ad control mechanism to give retargeted users more control over what products and ads they see.

The clothing brand, which uses retargeting platform Struq to serve personalised ads to lure back users who have left its site without making a purchase, made such retargeting a key element of its digital marketing earlier this year after generating £21 for every £1 it spent on retargeting (nma 20 January 2011).

The aim with ad control mechanism AdPad is to give users control within the ad to remove products or brands they don’t want to see, as well as opt out of receiving retargeted ads altogether.

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