Advertising Orgs To Take On Viewability in 2013

December 11, 2012 Source: AdWeek

As ad viewability offerings proliferate, publishers are struggling to find true and effective ways to measure viewable impressions. IAB, the 4A's and ANA have partnered on the Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) initiative, which is scheduled to go into effect in early 2013 and standardize the measurement of viewable impressions – but the implementation ain't going to be pretty, reports AdWeek's Charlie Warzel

While viewability will help advertisers better appraise their ad-impression numbers, implementation won't be swift and publishers will face the pain of effectively killing "unviewable" ad space. However, that may be for the best.

Why would a publisher want to shrink its inventory, you ask? Well, some argue that quality (over quantity) is the new driving force in the digital ad game; and with the viewability offerings of numerous third parties, there's a veritable argument for the increased quality of ads, including their visibility. 

 “Why wouldn’t we embrace this?" asks David Rittenhouse, media director at Razorfish. "A world without a focus on effectiveness becomes a world defined by cheap impressions."

Not all publishers are rushing to flush their ad space in the name of viewability, however. 

"…As premium brands, such as [The Weather Company] put the focus on quality, the rest of the market will have to deal with viewability’s ripple effect on price and inventory supply," Warzal writes. "Meanwhile, ad networks that make a nice living on below-the-fold ads may not be motivated to blow up their businesses."

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