AdTruth Helps InMobi Ad Tracker Toss Its Cookies

October 2, 2012 Source:

The trouble with mobile tracking takes up a fair chunk of the OPS agenda on Oct. 4, including sessions from former Razorfish exec and current MoPub Head of Strategy Paul Gelb as well as AdTruth General Manager James Lamberti – the latter is humorously subtitled "Life Without Cookies Is Pretty Sweet."

AdTruth had some joint news with InMobi on Tuesday – version 2.0 of InMobi Ad Tracker (check out our Q&A on the first edition) has integrated AdTruth's global device recognition technology for advanced conversion tracking, now sans cookies. Ad Tracker – which it should be noted is an independent tool from the company's mobile ad network – will use AdTruth's tech to anonymously match mobile ad clicks to downloads – both mobile web and app-based.

“As a result of this partnership with AdTruth, InMobi Ad Tracker version 2.0 eliminates browser opening at the first application launch, known as a 'swishing,' in the iOS and Android SDKs – no longer requiring cookies," said Chandrashekhar Vattikuti, VP of Products at InMobi. "This new capability will increase the track-able inventory thus improving campaign scalability for our customers. Ad networks and advertisers integrated with InMobi Ad Tracker will continue to benefit from real-time conversion feedback, allowing them to effectively optimize their campaigns.”

I've long been interested in device recognition or server-side tracking's (whatever you do, don't call it device fingerprinting!) growing role in digital advertising, especially on the mobile front where tracking has been a lost opportunity. AdTruth's latest whitepaper, "Improving the Economics of Mobile Marketing," (PDF) suggests that tracking and measurement are the biggest obstacles to channel growth (while also noting that fraud and privacy are huge factors). The paper pushes the idea of a consumer-friendly, scalable ad tracking technology – which it claims to have created through AdTruth. Looks like InMobi agrees.

Just for fun, here's a little infographic from the AdTruth folks.

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