Facebook Problems: Bigger Than Just Ad Fraud

  Powered by: July 28, 2020 Fake Ads Aren't Facebook's Only Woe BAD ADS Act Bullies Section 230 What Pubs and Brands Need to Know About CCPA Podcasts Hit Their Stride Facebook Problems: Real Brands, Fake Ads Facebook is ankle-deep in troubles as of late. For one, I’m sure we’ll…

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Kim Komando Show

Driving Revenue Through Deeper Audience Connections

Nationally syndicated radio host Kim Komando has discovered the right tool to connect with her tech and media-savvy audience across multiple channels, learn from their feedback, and then use that information to shape her messaging and monetization strategies. We trust she knows what she's talking about. She once sent 40M…

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Financial Ad Spend Is Surviving the Pandemic, Says Dianomi

For the last couple of years, the financial services category has lead in digital ad spend and during the pandemic, even when loads of people are out of work, it seems to be no different. Senior Editor Lynne d Johnson spoke with  Rachel Tuffney, EVP, Dianomi, an advertising platform for…

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End-to-End Platforms Offer Fee Reprieve

  Powered by: July 21, 2020 Amazon Drops Fees When Going Through Its DSP AVOD Opportunities Aplenty IAB TCF 2.0: Considerations CCPA 2.0 Is Gunning For Ad Tech Advertisers Fly Non-Stop Programmatic and Save The now-infamous ISBA study has many marketers wondering where that mysterious and unaccounted-for 15% of their…

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Is W3C Listening to Smaller Companies?

We heard about a letter sent to the W3C Advisory Board, signed by 19 W3C members asking for an intervention because they felt that the voices of members from smaller organizations were not being recognized or taken seriously. The top name on this letter was James Rosewell, CEO and Co-Founder…

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AdMonsters Microphone Image

Demystifying Identity

In this wide-ranging though highly in-depth conversation, LiveRamp SVP and Head of Publishers White breaks down how identity works in a highly digestible fashion. He also dives into messaging consumers, how LiveRamp helps publishers identify and increase their authenticated traffic, whether brand marketers are getting on the identity train, and…

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Balancing Ad Ops in Unstable Times

Current conditions are presenting publishers with a unique conundrum. There are huge traffic spikes offering an opportunity to super-size digital media monetization. But to harness it, they must first tackle the COVID-19 disruption to advertising budgets and their internal resources. We spoke with Ivan Ivanov, COO, PubGalaxy, about what publishers…

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Ad Spend Won’t Return ‘Til 2021

July 14, 2020 It's Not a Recovery—But It's Something SMBs Can't Leave Facebook Alone CCPA's Facebook Challenges Peacock Walled Garden Plans Get Blocked Don’t Call It a Comeback—Yet Ad spend may have begun slowly trickling through the programmatic pipes starting in May, but beleaguered advertisers aren’t at all hopeful that…

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The Mediums Are the Message

Gearing up to our upcoming webinar with Powerinbox—Multichannel Messaging Made Easy, where we'll dive into the key elements of a successful cross-platform messaging strategy, as well as what technology will bring it to life—we caught up with Powerinbox CEO, Jeff Kupietzky to talk about why marketers and publishers struggle with…

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Sellers Need Buy-Side Transparency

Transparency concerns have long plagued open advertising markets, scaring away participants on the buy and sell-side of open real-time bidding advertising transactions. The buy-side has ads.txt and sellers.json. Unfortunately, sell-side participants—publishers—often have difficulty obtaining basic levels of transparency in reverse when using header bidding tools to extend demand.

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