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 How Online Media WorksAs a leader in online advertising, you know that operations and technology are part of every aspect of online advertising, and that you need to stay on the cutting edge to succeed. OPS is a unique opportunity ...

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#OPSPOV: Real-Time Viewability Gets Real

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that viewability is a post-campaign metric? We can target ads based on HTML cookies in real-time, why can’t we determine whether the impression associated with that cookie is also ...

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Publisher Forum EU V

see also: registration — sponsorship — agenda — travel AdMonsters Europe V was held September 14-16, 2005, at the , in partnership with IAB Europe.   Downloadable AdMonsters Europe V e-brochure We had 40 publisher attendees from 29 companies, including Aftonbladet nya medier, AOL Europe, AOL France, AOL ...

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The Premium Pub Guide to Botnet Infestation

Some premium publishers are likely reading the latest batch of hysterical articles describing the scourge of botnet traffic on digital advertising and thinking, "Tough cookies."Which isn't a bad way to put it – media buyers' obsession with chasing cookies and ...

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Video Replay: Kill Complexity and Boost Revenue

Complexity has long been the greatest foe of publisher revenue teams and arguably the digital advertising space. However, cutting through the tangled webs of processes and technology—while minimizing revenue consequences—requires delicate and strategic maneuvering. Enough is enough—stop ...

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