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MFA Sites: Are They All Bad?

There are genuine MFA shoppers out there and that brands that advertise with MFAs may find enthusiastic audiences. However, there are limits to their enjoyment of ads. While some shoppers like advertising — and seek it out with online circulars and clicking on sites the industry calls MFAs — there’s…

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AdMonsters September 20, 2023   Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month With IAB’s Jeffrey Bustos: The DEI Champion, The Retail Media Expert, and The Thought Leader With his current role as the VP, Measurement, Addressability, and Data Center at IAB, Jeffrey Bustos is now in the position to guide industry-wide change —…

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Media Sustainability: What’s in it for Publishers?

Conventional thinking often looks at sustainability as an inconvenience, a mere compliance project, or even an additional cost center lacking in business benefits. However, media sustainability efforts can provide publishers with a unique opportunity to reduce operational risks, increase revenue profitably, and take the lead in the industry.

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