October 8, 2014 Connect Connect CPA interview Gavin Dunaway

In the past, the acronym CPA had a simple connotation for publishers: low payout. Particularly in the post-bubble digital advertising world, CPA campaigns seemed a desperate alternative when CPMs had hit rock bottom. But more than a decade later, Epom Head of Sales Andrew Lebowski argues that in the age of programmatic and analytics, CPA isn’t yesterday’s “cost per acquisition.”

CPA can be a powerful route for advertisers, particularly ones who look beyond conversions and seek insight into their target audiences. In turn, it’s a healthier revenuefor publishers – particularly when it comes to the desertknown as mobile. I chatted with Lebowski about current CPA business, the mobile opportunity and thwarting bot traffic. We even ventured further down the rabbit hole to debate how networks can stay viable...

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August 27, 2014 Connect interview mobile programmatic Programmatic Direct Gavin Dunaway

For publishers, mobile is an itch spreading over greater sections of skin, tingling more ferociously every second. Scratching doesn’t make it worse, but certainly fails to relieve the symptoms. 

Publishers continue to struggle in their mobile monetization efforts: because there’s little incentive for direct sales to evangelize the channel (particularly when it comes to display), programmatic would seem to be the savior. However, the success of desktop advertising and transaction models ported to mobile has been limited.

Fortunately, mobile is still a young space, filled with opportunities for innovation – it’s a prime time for publishers to embrace new tools and advertising units. As JUICE Mobile CEO and President Neil Sweeney puts it, “today's methodologies and...

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July 28, 2014 Connect video viewability Gavin Dunaway

Bring your questions as Gavin discusses his new feature story on video viewability – and some of the follow-up pieces in the works – on Monster Radio this Friday at 3 pm. RSVP here

Fifty percent of pixels in view on the in-focus browser tab for two continous seconds. It doesn’t seem like a giant barrier to cross for a video ad to be considered in-view – and that was the point.

Following the June 30 lifting of the Media Rating Council’s advisory against transacting video on a viewable basis, agency folk took to the ad tech trades to...

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June 5, 2014 Ad Server Connect interview RTB viewability Scrambled Eggs

It’s hard enough overseeing the ad operations tech stack and processes of one publisher; imagine juggling multiple publishers. But that’s exactly the mission companies like Outsourced Ad Ops (OAO) have taken on – and they have to do it well enough to be profitable and grow as a company. While that task may seem Herculean, it also happens to give OAO a unique and broad perspective of the industry.

I sat down with Craig Leshen and Michael Alania, President and Vice President, respectively, to learn more about the intricacies of outsourcing ad ops as well as their takes on the top issues of the day.

Complexity is the bane of any ad ops person’s existence. How does technology add to or mitigate complexity for ad ops?

Our industry is definitely complex,...

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May 26, 2014 Connect viewability viewable impressions Joshua R. Weaver

Viewabilty has been a big topic at AdMonsters events since the term came onto the scene. When the MRC recently rescinded its advisory against transacting on a viewable basis, we wanted to know how much it would affect publishers right then—and in the future.

We conducted a survey of ad operations leaders at more than 50 publishers about their experiences and garnered their opinions on the state of viewability. Some results echoed what we had heard at various Publisher Forums, while other answers completely surprised us. 

While viewability is hardly taking publishers by surprise – many are already actively testing multiple vendors and taking the necessary steps to improve viewability – the discrepancies surrounding solutions...

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