February 26, 2014 Connect mobile video Gavin Dunaway

Like a leaky faucet drip-drip-dripping into a steel sink, mobile has long been that nagging concern keeping publishers up at night. The amount of inventory seems to multiply daily with little demand from buyers (especially when it comes buying guaranteed), so publishers are forced to turn to ad networks and programmatic channels for the pennies they can get. No surprise then that questionable and low-quality creative is popping up all over mobile sites and apps.

Many pubs are taking hints from Facebook and Twitter’s mobile revenue successes by employing feed delivery systems to push advertising into the content stream, and then leaning on native/content-marketing products as well as custom-built solutions that leverage HTML5 for eye-catching features. However, it’s difficult to scale custom products that tend to be cost- and...

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January 29, 2014 Connect Connect Programmatic Direct Gavin Dunaway

Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching too much “Downton Abbey,” but I can’t shake the idea that if programmatic direct was a debutante, 2013 was the year it came out.

While the concept had been around for a while and people had long whispered about its prospects, last year was when it really hit the circuit – that is, providers integrated their APIs into just about every platform out there. Potential suitors on the buy and sell sides started lining up for appointments, and many even partook in a dance or two.

Still, the question that has many on both the demand and supply sides of the fence flummoxed is, “How do we make this work?” For agencies and advertisers, how does prog direct fit into their buying strategies? And for pubs, how do they get the channel to really drive revenue – and not cannibalize other...

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August 20, 2013 Connect Playbooks private exchanges Gavin Dunaway

As increasing spend flows through programmatic channels, the private exchange concept is considered a boon to both buyers and sellers through enhanced trading controls and inventory transparency. In particular, it’s a convenient way for publishers to better monetize inventory headed to programmatic channels while meeting and exceeding the demands of their top advertisers.

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The good news is the plethora of nuances in the world of private exchanges ensure there’s no wrong way to implement a private exchange – the phrase “different strokes for different folks” has never been truer. The bad news? Well, it’s another complex landscape withinan already labyrinthine ecosystem. To understand which approach is (or...

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As increasing spend flows through programmatic channels, the private exchange concept is considered a boon to both buyers and sellers through enhanced...

March 18, 2013 Audience Extension Connect Data Management DMP Playbook Joshua R. Weaver

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Media buyers increasingly want to target specific audiences, and are using technologies that evaluate and buy impressions based on audience data. In an advertising environment increasily based on audience segments, DMPs or data management platforms, have become an integral tool in helping publishers truly understand the value of their audiences. Publishers that have unique audience segments can be pro-active and approach buyers with opportunities that are differentiated from the rest of the market. 

But, not all DMPs are the same; and, not all publishers' needs are equal. Our Publisher DMP Evaluation Playbook, sponsored by Lotame, ...

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March 5, 2013 ad technology audience accelerator Audience Extension Connect DMP playbook Playbook RTB Gavin Dunaway

It is not a new technique, but technological advances such as Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and innovative look-a-like algorithms have transformed audience extension into an impressive revenue opportunity.

Publishers are the gatekeepers to a wealth of data craved by advertisers, but there is no rule saying they must simply stand watch over their valuable assets — they can also employ audience data as media buyers. Through audience extension, publishers use their first-party data occasionally appended with third-party data to target audiences on third-party inventory. 


However, the approach to audience extension will differ from publisher to publisher depending on goals, internal processes and the actual site audience. In evaluating how — or even...

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