What to do now that Airset is closing down?

Published by: Christopher Norman , McClatchy Interactive
Published on: June 26, 2014

We've used Airset to manage channel conflicts in a enterprise publishing groiup. Worked well. But now they are going out of business. Looking for recommendations on a new tool. Thanks.


Hi Christopher - I'd recommend that you check out Kona (www.kona.com). It's a group collaboration tool with robust conversation, task, event, and file functionality. With regard to managing channel conflicts, you can make great use of the conversation component - create private discussion with the necessary people to discuss conflicts in real time and come to a conclusion as a group. Track meetings and deadlines using the calendar to keep everyone on the same page. Beyond that, it's a fantastic tool for managing projects, remote teams, large initiatives, shared files and more. Kona is also mobile -
there are FREE iOS and Android apps as well. Let me know what you think!!

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