Tracking content page views through DFA pixel tags?

Published by: Lana Krakovskiy , Largetail
Published on: December 4, 2013

Hello, we produce a lot of content that needs to be tracked via DFA pixels pasted directly into the body of the site. Often we have to deal with different publisher CMS systems (Wordpress, custom) that do not support javascript, or are not able to produce a cache-busting random image. As as result we are having issues with tracking -- even when we get the pixels to track impressions in DFA, the resulting pixel impressions are far less than pageviews of the same page in Google Analytics. I bet we can improve the process or use a different system of client-side tracking. Any recommendations? Thanks!



Any new developments in your search for a capable pixel tracking system? I find myself in a similar situation, needing to track tons of content impressions across our sites and other sites we provide content to. Any info would be appreciated.

Bit of a hack.. but you could place the pixel on a page and then call that page via an iframe. Most CMS systems should support iframes.

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