STR and eCPM Making Sense of data across multiple systems

Published by: C.J. Leonard , CBS Local Media
Published on: December 18, 2013

There are some companies out there that say they can handle all of Ad Ops reporting needs.

Right now - processes for eCPM and STR are very manual and require more time than is humanly possible to generate reporting that can be sliced across different audiences.

This seems like a niche area with only a few players...

What other vendors exist out there aside from YieldEx and AdSoftware?

What's been the experience with setup?


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Thanks for the salute Chris and hello Ben, hope you are doing well! (Let's connect again?)

Hi C.J. and all,

Reporting is a very broad topic, because it applies to both the buy side and the sell side... AND then each company will have a unique focus on what they need their reporting for (Yield optimization, campaign delivery, sales reporting, revenue, channels, etc)

YieldEx and AdSoftware are too very different companies that focus on specific things. I wouldn't say they are "reporting" companies, but use reporting data to execute their specific solutions. If you find your need is covered in their offerings, then that could be the ticket. I'd take a look at everything and see which one best meets your needs.

To echo Chris Hanburger, STAQ is a system for automating reporting across all of your ad tech platforms (like DFP, Mobile, Video, Salesforce, Analytics, DMPs, etc) whether it is audience reach, performance data, or campaign and contract IDs you need, we get it. We give you a tool to compile it all into whatever reports you need to run your business. (We love to go a step further as well and push the data into other platforms, connecting them all together, like a systems aggregator)

I'd take a look at all of us though. If STAQ doesn't meet your needs we're more than happy to point you in the direction of a platform that can.

We like to think of ourselves as a company that helps ad ops people connect parts of their ad tech "stack" together, and if that means helping to point you to YieldEx or AdSoftware, great. Since you mentioned audience reporting, maybe a DMP is more your need.


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Hey CJ,
We're in process to implement Staq here at StepLeader. We're an app publisher for about a hundred different local news stations, and we help with monetization. So we've been trying to aggregate info with regards to ad serving (our own with mOcean), some of our publishers ad server (using DFP) and then the various networks, exchanges, etc that we work with for mediation. So far, things are looking good and the folks over there are adding in some of our unique data sources.
I'd recommend giving them a look. Small company, but growing and a smart team that comes from a background of advertising and data management.
Hope this helps, reach out directly if you want more info.

I think you could do this with a couple different systems, but it depends on your specific setup in a lot of ways.

In the niche you mention, I think Collective and Maxifier offer solutions in addition to those two. I only have direct experience with Yieldex, and as people around the forum know, I'm a big fan. It's expensive, but I think you get a lot for the service, and the team was very collaborative. A few reports and features in their UI were built because I specifically suggested them, which was great.

Back to your question though - what reports do you want to generate, and across how many and what specific systems?

I think it also somewhat depends on what granularity you want these reports - daily or monthly? Site level, or product level? Do you put booked revenue data into your ad server religiously enough that it can be the source of truth, or do you screw it up enough that you have to reconcile back to an order management system like Salesforce for the real numbers?

I know some folks are trying to aggregate data in Salesforce, or put it in a data warehouse and put Tableau on top of it if they have very custom needs, but you need a technical team to help you support that. Otherwise, while other solutions are out there, I'm not sure you'll find something better than what Yieldex offers you, which is basically a UI on top of a big data warehouse, and a support team that speaks media and has a lot of experience with the integrations you likely want to do.

Very interested to hear feedback on this thread. We, too, are looking for a good vendor to help parse this data across different audiences.

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