Semantic ad solution?

Published by: Mark Halstead , Everyday Health Inc, us
Published on: December 12, 2013

Hello AdMonsters,

Hoping someone with experience in this area can make some recommendations.
Some of our advertisers have requirements around adjacent content. For example a certain pharma advertiser can't have ads for its drug run on a page that contains the phrase "heart attack".
Or another cannot run on pages that contain any info about non-GMOs, food dyes, or anything about sugary foods.

Looking into Peer39, but wanted to ask if anyone has solved this problem, how they did it, and who they worked with.



Hi Mark,

We're starting a trial with Grapeshot as well. So far so good! :)

Take a look at Yieldbot....they build real-time Intent targeting signals for publishers and match to budgets from search....helping build publishers a new ad channel that complements direct sales.

Hi Mark,

We at comScore offer this capability as part of vCE. Happy to discuss further if interested and involve your account team. Let me know and have a great Friday.

Two others to take a look at are Netseer and Temnos.

Thanks for the endorsement Nat!

And Hi Mark. Grapeshot supplies Keyword Contextual Targeting, enabling our Customers to target ads to contextually relevant content. However, on the flipside, they can also exclude undesirable content through ascrbing a negative value to a specific keyword or creating entire negative categories.

I guess in your line of work you could create an Unhealthy Food channel comprised of multiple keywords around fat, salt, sugar, high calories etc.

Happy to have a call to explain more. We're UK-based but also have a NY office. We can have a chat at first instance. You can mail me at


Hi Mark,

We use Grapeshot( our contextual targeting. They've been really good to work with and easy to implement. Recently we had an advertiser that had some negative press around their black Friday deals and we used Grapeshot to ensure none of their ads appeared next to the negative stories.

Happy to answer any questions you have about Grapeshot


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