Publisher Programmatic Best Practices for Advertiser Outreach

Published by: Bryce Gutierrez ,
Published on: December 5, 2013

My Company is new to the programmatic scene and we are having trouble with outreach. What are the best ways to get in contact with the right advertisers that will want to purchase inventory programmaticlly. Are Publishers sending out traditional digital media kits? or are they sending a tailored "audience" media kit?

Any help would be appreciated.




This is really great information! Thanks so much


There are a few different strategies & you'll have to determine what's in your best interest when considering direct sales, channel conflict, and other business rules.

1) Analyze your Open Auction

Find advertisers that are bidding on your inventory at high volume, but not winning a high percentage of impressions. Some may be bidding too low for it to make sense, but you'll find some that are "hot leads". They are already buying programmatically on your site, so it's an easy technical transition for them. If you offer branded inventory at a higher tier (competing against non-remnant inventory), they may be interested in paying a higher CPM in a preferred deal.

Be careful that you're not removing auction pressure by transitioning a buyer out of the auction, where they would fill enough volume to make other advertisers pay more for the impression and maintain the overall eCPM.

Also, ensure that your Preferred Rate card is digestible for the buyer, but also maintains the value you place on audience targeted inventory, because they will be cherry picking with a high advantage to win first look impressions, and that is super premium.

Be sure to maintain leverage. If you offer anonymous inventory in your open auction, and you tell them that they're able to buy your inventory on your site at $0.30 CPM, there's no way you'll be able to charge them $4.00 in a preferred deal.

2) Add Programmatic to the RFP

Programmatic + Premium does not have to be a silo'd offering to just the Trading Desk. Just as you would recommend high-impact or custom units as a line item in an RFP, every single one that you send out to an Agency should have a programamtic line item consisting of additional budget.

For advertisers you already work with, this should not be an either or offering, it should be a holistic strategy that opens up a new channel & incremental budget. Build tiered layers with your existing campaigns where you have custom, standard, and programmatic running together to build a dynamic campaign.

3) If You Can't win Direct

If you're struggling getting an advertiser to buy through direct channels, you should pound those advertisers, DSPs & Trading Desks with programmatic opportunity. They may have a separate programmatic buying team or budget & be more open to testing. If they bite, great, if not, no harm no foul.

4) Screw the Deck

If you're dealing with a Trading Desk or DSP, you're building a partnership to maximize efficiency, and they don't care about glossy images in a powerpoint presentation. Sit down & talk about their objectives and the technology of programmatic. If you want to give them a one-sheeter about your Exchange platform, workflow, targeting options and capabilities, that should be more than enough material.

5) Selling Preferred Deals Reactively

You'll find that you're going to get offers directly through your exchange platform that are unsolicited. Not all of them are worth your time, and some of them disappear before going live, but it's easy incremental when they start running.

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