Optimizing nonguaranteed yield using DFP's Price Priority

Published by: Nene Kalu ,
Published on: December 18, 2013

What is the best way to optimize for nonguaranteed (remnant) yield using DFP's price priority?

If I'm setting price floors within individual adnets and SSPs and passing back imps from a higher yield SSP to a lower yield SSP, what's the point of trafficking these partners via price priority and assigning them each a CPM in DFP?


Assigning an accurate CPM in PP give adsense/adx a reasonable number to provide auction pressure and make bidders pay the most for your inventory.

How accurate it is, is not the purpose. The purpose is to net you higher ecpms on the RTB.

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HI Samuel,

Yes, that's exactly what I'm asking! The CPM that I'm currently assigning each partner now is just ballpark and not very accurate so I was curious as to the efficacy of assigning an inaccurate CPM into the ad server.

But I understand what you're saying. I assign the partner with the best performance the highest CPM and so on. Our catch all network has the lowest CPM even though that CPM isn't technically what that partner garners on avg.

Love that you asked this question, Nene. The publisher I work for does not use DFP, but I am very interested in seeing responses from publishers that do.

For now, can you elaborate on the last part of your question: what's the point of trafficking these partners via price priority and assigning them each a CPM in DFP?

Are you asking why it would matter to price differentiate the networks inside DFP (via CPM) if they are already self-policing and passing back impressions if they do not meet your price floors? If so, it's still necessary to assign a CPM, inside DFP, per network, so that you can effectively create an optimized and tiered system for all non-direct.

We do this today inside our own ad server as well (just not with DFP). While our first tiered system does in fact pass back impressions that do not meet our price floor, it is still necessary to assign a CPM to them that is higher than the other networks. This allows the network to monetize that impression first at a premium CPM. Effectively making the most out of 0-3f impressions.

Let me know how my aim is, and/or if I am not interpreting your question correctly.



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