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Published by: Kristina Rettig ,, us
Published on: June 27, 2011

Hey there,

I'm wondering what kinds of mobile rich media vendors are out there. Which ones are the best, which ones are easy to work with, which ones have innovative solutions, etc... Anyone have a service/company they recommend?



Hey All,

You can refer the below link for list of Mobile Rich media Developers:

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Silvia, with Celtra, is the ad creation truly plug and play? I know the Muse builder for Medialets allows you to make some nice ads, but you still have to rely on Medialets to do a lot of finishing work and Q/A, which really slows down the process. I've played with some Celtra test tags, but not the creative builder.

Hi Bryan,
Not sure if there is such thing as plug-n-play in mobile richmedia, I guess it gets better once you create ads with the same functionality for the same devices-platforms many times. Also, it will depend on having the right assets (images, video, etc) to create the ad.
What I experienced with Celtra is that, for our particular SDK (Admarvel's), their ads worked on the first try (created by Celtra on this case) when we had to go through many fixes with the rest of the vendors.

These are the main ones:

1-Celtra (my favorite)
2-Crisp (very good)
3-Phluant (very good)
4-Mediamind (good)
5-Medialets (good, but they force you to use their SDK for apps)
6-Pointroll (ok)

Hope it helps.

Hey Sylvia,

Thanks for your input! It's super helpful. I'm wondering what you like about Celtra so much, just because I hadn't heard a ton about them till recently. Can you let me know what the pros and cons of that service is?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Kristina,

Well Celtra has been the only one (to date) that worked in our apps on the first try and the most responsive and engaging. They are also very knowledgeable and have a great UI in which you can create ads on your own with tons of features (Crisp and Medialets have one too). With the rest there were always issues and we needed to push them to respond (some better than others). Not sure if some of them offer more unique features than others but soon enough all will offer pretty much the same thing and really is going to depend on what you do with those features. We got a pretty nice/original ad from this smaller vendor: (they have a self-service UI also and are great to work with). Price wise the are all pretty similar.

Hope it helps.

Crisp is pretty good in the mobile RM space

Hey Steven,

Yep - was already looking into Crisp. Your recommendation is definitely appreciated, though, and makes me even more interested to find out what they can do. What do you like about them, specifically? Technical capabilities? Rates? Customer Service?



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